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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Your school-age kids will soon be home all summer.  Already you’re thinking about all the ways you’ll keep them entertained?  Neighborhood games, day camps, lemonade stands, swimming pools, in and out with wet clothes, wet feet and maybe wet dogs?

It’s a tall order, but you’ll do it (you’re a tall order girl), and maybe have the time of your life?  Looking at the big picture (not the wet floors, carpets and dogs), it’s just a short while that kids are kids, so let’s enjoy the moments, right?  Clean your house, get your work done, and leave time to be a kid again – that’s the gift.  Don’t miss it.

If you don’t have children, or they’ve left the nest, summer might be the perfect time to jump into your inner child.  When you were a kid, what did you love to do for hours…time would pass, and you’d feel like you just had breakfast and now mom is calling for dinner?  Do that now.  If not now, when? (For me, it was reading adventure and mystery novels or making art outside on the front steps).

Now that you’ve dug deep to get in touch with your inner child, let’s not forget that you’re a grown up after all, and with that too are amazing and memorable things.

The day has been awesome.  You played like you were 5 or 7 or 10 (whatever your favorite age) again.  Now, the night belongs to you.  Switch gears.  Doesn’t it feel great when you have gears to switch, when you can be 5 one minute and 35 (or whatever) the next?  No one could have explained this wonderment to you.  It’s one of those things you just have to experience, and now you do!

Okay, grown-up girl, when it’s just you and your special someone as the sun goes down, reach for fragrances whose names speak for themselves.

Waiting for your special someone, or just dumped a less than special somene off at the ex-boyfriend graveyard?  No worries.  YOU deserve something sensual and playful to celebrate your spirit and delight YOUR senses.

Because when you come down to it, you are absolutely complete, and while having someone around might make life more fun sometimes, this whole fragrance and skincare thang – well you do it for YOU!  We all know that.


Essential oil of geranium’s earthy sensuality characterizes the mystery and elegance of this fragrance designed to relax your mind, body and spirit, and inspire sweet dreams, as it balances female hormones and promotes nurturing feelings of love,  happiness and contentment.

Long lasting base notes of essential oil of geranium harmonize beautifully with top notes of essential oils of sweet orange, tangerine, while rose and vanilla impart an indulgently feminine je ne sais quoi. It’s aromatherapeutic properties encourage a gentle sliding into slower gear as you naturally de-stress from the pace of your day.

Geranium CU - BONNE NUIT CHERE TIGRESSE - Crop - Blog - SmGeranium is highly regarded for its superb skin nourishing treatment of dry skin.  It supports the anti-aging process, synergistically along with essential oil of orange by encouraging cell turnover that keeps skin wrinkle-free longer.


Geranium’s earthy sensuality inspires mental rest, relaxation and restoration.  Hey, who doesn’t love these 3 R’s?

Let the concerns of your day melt away with geranium’s natural healing and restorative balancing properties. Float on a gentle cloud of tranquility and well-being. Surrender to the feminine sensuality of this magically calming and seductive fragrance. Drift into dreamland, or whatever the night has in store just for you, chere tigresse.

It’s your game and you make the rules.  Or play with no rules.  It’s all up to you!  What could be better?


Sensual rose, jasmine and ylang ylang’s aphrodisiac powers intensified by a touch of essential oil of sweet orange offers a powerful floral fragrance that belongs to spring and summer evenings with the one who excites your deepest passions.

Inspired by “luxe, calme et volupte” by Matisse.  It’s mystery resides in its inherent voluptuous charm and your unique nature which makes it belong to you alone.

Every woman I know who has chosen this fragrance as their own raves about it in their own unique way!  It’s as if I’ve formulated it for them alone, and there is nothing that could touch my heart more!

True confession:  Volupte was inspired by one of my personal fragrances that I’ve loved for years, one that I formulated oh….I won’t fess up how many years ago, let’s just say, when I was in my twenties.  You see, it was so fab, I never forgot it!

Volupte is the vital force, desire, passion that keeps us alive in a meta-physical way.  It’s the magical inspiration to create beauty, harmony, joy and all things wild and wonderful that make our heart sing.  Volupte is our raison d’etre .


Wrap yourself in Volupte when you desire a kiss that takes your breath away. Don’t you think this should happen a little more often?

Just how long has it been since you’ve felt the magic that sweeps you away and makes nearly everything else disappear?

Open the door to your inner Aphrodite this spring.

It all starts with feeling fab  in your skin.  Let the rest remain a mystery.

C’est l’heure pour Volupte. It’s time to indulge in Volupte.

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