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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Long hot midsummer days cooled by end of the driveway neighborhood lemonade stands and swimming pools. Wet children and dogs. Packing for summer camps and long holiday weekends. Sunburns, insect bites, picnic lunches at the beach, patio dinners on the grill, conversations into the night under the stars. Thoughts of work and school routines fade. Schedules seem more elastic. Release yourself to the easy flow of summer.

At the end of your day, whatever the temperature outside, a warm bath remains an inviting treatment for summer skin. Unwind in a realm of tranquility or energize your spirit for a night out, perfect for whatever the evening holds in store for you. Luxuriate in two of our yummiest bestseller summer fragrances… DREAMSICLE SMILES and MIMI A TAHITI!


The quintessential sweet summer fragrance reminiscent of the ice cream treat, but with its own unique blend of mixed citrus secrets and rich vanilla creme.

Bring back memories of playing outside with friends all summer, cooled down by the delicious taste of Dreamsicles melting on your tongue.

This enchanting summer fragrance magically frees you to feel your inner child’s wild excitement in summer’s simple pleasures.

Thrill at dancing through spinning water hoses with neighborhood children (no one’s really watching – and if they are, maybe they’ll join you), cannonball jump into a swimming pool like no one’s watching, skip, play hopscotch and pick-up ball games in your yard, set up a lemonade stand at the end of your driveway and advertise with a handmade sign on cardboard to hold up as drivers approach.

Try all the DREAMSICLE SMILES products:

Exfoliate in its lusciously scented gentle sugar scrub. Soak in the natural butters and oils while the sweet citrus vanilla scent permeates your bath and lingers on your skin. Generously apply lotion, creme or body butter all over for your softest yummiest summer skin ever. Fragrance holds the power to bring back the magic of summers you loved as a child. Indulge in summer fun with DREAMSICLE SMILES, and play like you haven’t played in years!


If you’ve been to the French Polynesian island of Tahiti, this exotic fruity fragrance of pineapple, mango, watermelon and guava sweetened with a caress of honey ginger nectar will bring your own special memories floating back. And, if you haven’t, why not go there right now, in your dreams? After you try MIMI A TAHITI!, you might be inspired to plan a trip to the islands!

Exfoliate with MIMI A TAHITI! sugar scrub. Relax for 20 minutes in the bath, soaking in the tropical fragrances that scent your skin and the natural nutrient and vitamin rich oils and butters that drench your summer skin with moisture.

Close your eyes. Dream of white sand beaches, palm trees, soft breezes that caress your bare skin and play with your hair, colorful featherweight sarongs, beach flip flops and juicy tropical fruit smoothies. You’re on a secluded beach in Tahiti with the one you love. Feel the sensation of nature’s beauty.

Gently pat dry with a fluffy towel, leaving some moisture droplets on your skin to lock in precious moisture when you generously apply MIMI A TAHITI! lotion, creme or body butter all over. Could someone you love help you?Remember, you’re on a secluded beach.

Create your own scenario. Let your imagination lead you to your happy place with MIMI A TAHITI!

Bisous from Mimi xoxo


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