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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Explore the beautiful pastel colors and fragrances of rose milk and shea butter soaps, sugar scrubs, lotions, cremes, body butters, and solid perfume cubes that celebrate spring fruits and flowers. Refresh your skincare wardrobe with new favorites!


Magical earthy green and bright citrus celebrates a fertile spring and Earth Day. Essential oil of lemongrass sweetened by tropical pineapple and mango make this fragrance a year-round feel-happy-and-fall-in-love favorite, it’s name an homage to the poetic film “Splendor in the Lemongrass” with Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty. Sensually connect yourself to Mother Earth, and cherish your splendor.


Created to honor Earth Day, and all the creatures with whom we share this planet. We’ve all grown up loving to watch adorable polar bears swim and play during family trips to the zoo, and may have had the amazing opportunity to see them in their natural habitat. The past few years, it’s been very clearly brought to the public attention that polar bears and other arctic animals risk endangerment due to environmental climate shifts, reducing their natural habitats and food sources, something we may have an opportunity to control and reverse with a change in our own lifestyle choices.

It is our hope that the clear refreshing notes of coconut, cool citrus and tropical fruits will delight you, as well as inspire you to think about making choices to preserve our natural environment for all who share it. No one wants polar bears to truly go coconuts, so let’s celebrate Earth Day by doing something to support making our world a livable one where humans and animals can find pleasure and live beautiful lives.

There are so many things we can do, and every small action adds up to help in a big way. Read about simply daily changes you might make in how you live, learn and grow. (LINKS TO WEBSITES LIKE SIERRA CLUB,…THAT HELP ANIMALS/CLIMATE/GLOBAL WARMING)

The polar bears, and all animals, including humans, thank you.  Merci bien.

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