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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

When August temperatures soar, break out the juicy citrus scents and celebrate with a citrus fest.

We asked, and you told us.  Your favorite summer fragrances – CITRUS!

Instantly revive and uplift your mind, body and spirit! Three of our most succulent, refreshing CITRUS fragrances to help beat the summer heat.  Tried them yet?

  • CITRUS REVERIE Pink grapefruit, orange, and lemon with a sensual caress of sweet vanilla-almond. Apply to areas of your body where you’ll smell this delightfully yummy fragrance – it’s an addictive pleasure, in a lovely dreamy way.

When the heat seems unbearable, and head for the nearest pool, stick your head into the freezer, or take a tip from polar bears and dragonettes and reach for the essential oils of lime and spearmint in:

  • POLAR BEARS GO COCONUTS! Sexy lusciously rich coconut cream and tropical fruits added to essential oils of lime and spearmint promises to energize even the soggiest summer specimen.
  • SWEET ‘N SEXY DRAGONETTE Available in two seasonal variations: with spearmint, ripe peaches and vanilla sugar to refresh on hot summer days, and clove and ginger to warm and spice up the cooler days of autumn and winter.  Refresh, get happy and soar above the heat!

Play with mixing and matching to layer citrus fragrances. What are your favorite blends: lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges, tangerines? How do you love your citrus: with sweet vanilla, almonds, Tahitian coconuts, peaches or spearmint? Mix your favorite with something new, and create a unique twist, your own signature fragrance!

One More Cool Summer Tip: Keep a secret space in your refrigerator for your moisturizers and perfume cube to apply after a warm bath.

You’ll look forward to the next heat wave when you feel the instantly invigorating and refreshing difference in temperature on your skin when you apply cool lotions, cremes, body butters and perfume cubes after a warm bath.

A Quick Reminder: Your LE CUBE DE PARFUM will last longer in hot humid climates when kept in the refrigerator or cool dark place like your cabinets or armoire.pc-BNCT - Crop - Blog - Sm

… throughout the year, and especially during the hot humid summer months, when not in use to retain its shape and fragrance. Perfumes will last longer when kept in a cool dark place.

We’ve all experienced summer mishaps with our skincare products.  No need for true confessions cherie, but if you’ve left you Solid Perfume Twist Tubes Solid Perfume Red Note Botanicain the trunk of your car (you know the ones you pack in your tote to take to the gym, and then run a bazillion errands throughout your day), and it seems sort of well, mushy.  No worries.  Just pop the tube in your fridge, and it will harden again, ready to use.

You’ll want to be careful about not doing this too often, as fragrance is best kept in cool areas, but if you forget once or twice, you should still be okay.  You see, we know about how life carries us away sometimes, so we plan for this sort of thing when we create our products.

Happy final hurray to summer! xo

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