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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Volupte and Splendor in the Lemongrass

Valentine’s Day is around the corner:  In the mood for volupte sur l’herbe or splendor in the lemongrass this Valentine’s Day?  Lusciously unique fragrances to fall in love with, and share with someone special.  Indulge in fragrant sensuality 365 days a year, you deserve it!  


  • Volupte is defined by an overflowing sensual nature that thrives beyond boundaries, like waves in the ocean. The vital energy that keeps us vibrantly alive and receptive to new ideas, dream, and adventures. Notes of tender roses celebrated by Persian and Indian royalty, night blooming jasmine, and essential oil of sweet orange and ylang ylang lends this fragrance its intensely feminine, floral, and undeniably sensual essence.
  • Romance rarely lies in an ability to intellectually grasp and understand an abstract concept, but rather in an acceptance of mystery and allure existing beyond our comprehension.
  • Share a kiss that sweeps you away to a realm of pure sensation and emotion. This is the essence of VOLUPTE.


  • Earthy citrus sweetened with tropical fruits and melon blossoms conjure up memories of laying in the tall grass, reading, dreaming, sharing thoughts (and soft kisses, why not?) with someone very special under the stars; imagining moving clouds in the shapes of animals or familiar faces, and laughing as you roll down hills of soft grass.
  • It shares the joie de vivre and romance of a free-spirit, and the promise of sunshine and happiness. When we stay forever young at heart, we remain lifelong romantics.

True romance lies in the heart, mind and spirit of YOU, which means that whatever fragrances you love and make you feel beautiful will intensify your personal connection to romance and it’s inherently elusive mystery. Let fragrance you adore celebrate your personal mystery and passion.

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