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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Do YOU still even think about New Year’s resolutions?  Those things some of us promise we’ll revolutionize in an amazing way about life, love, work, and everything in our personal universe?  I’ve noticed that it seems almost passe to host this New Years resolutions mindset in 2019.  Talk of resolutions has gone into hiding.

In it’s place, there’s a lot of talk about commitment to new ways of looking at things.  Or, thinking about how we want to feel?  How we want to care for ourselves to help us to feel the way we want to feel?

Is this the same thing as resolutions with a new spin, or does it truly inspire something more innately successful at motivating, with the secret potential to motivate in a way that resolutions fail to do?

What do you think?  Do you love writing down a to-do list of resolutions, or would you prefer to dream about how you’d love to feel in an ideal world of your making, and then take baby steps, or jumps if you like, into creating that world?

Whatever works for you – jump in, let’s shake things happen, make some dreams come true in 2019!

If resolutions work, super!  If a new mindset (committing to wearing new glasses, so to speak), looking at your life from a fresh perspective or reflecting upon how you want to feel, and then taking actions to make you feel this way seems intriguing, why not try it on?

However we choose to think about our lives in 2019, why not toss our skincare routine into the mix?

How we look is more than skin deep.  It’s indicative of our overall health, and expresses to the world how we feel about ourselves.  Let’s make it absolutely F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S, dig in, and have fun!

THIS YEAR, before we chat about skincare mindsets or making a list of how we’d like to feel, and a list of ways in which we can help ourselves to feel this way (yes, I’m going with that), a few mindful words:

  • Celebrate the beauty of who you are, inside and out.
  • Be compassionate with yourself, how you look and feel, and all else will fall into place.
  • First, take stock of what worked great for you and your skin in 2018.  If your skincare regime is working for your skin and your lifestyle, keep doing it.
  • Is there anything that did not work for your skin and/or your lifestyle?  A skincare regime with too many steps that left you frustrated, leaving most of them out, or worse, ignoring your regime altogether?  Are you searching for something simpler, quicker and yet effective and fun?
  • Did you “overdo” any of your skincare steps?  As with all things, too much of a good thing can occur within any skincare routine.
  • For example, gentle exfoliation is an essential step in removing dead surface skin cells to reveal radiantly healthy new skin which better absorbs moisturizing and other skin treatments, but more than twice a week does not promise a greater benefit, and may risk irritating sensitive skins.
  • Estheticians are noticing that some of their clients are experiencing inflammation from over-zealous exfoliation.  Is this you? Treatment is often simple – stop doing whatever caused the inflammation.  This does not mean discontinuing regular exfoliation completely, but it might mean reducing the frequency of this part of your skincare routine.
  • Likewise, over cleansing is usually unnecessary, and may remove essential moisture from your skin, especially during cold dry winter months.  I’m going to guess that your skin is not so dirty that it requires cleansing more than once daily.  And, it never requires harsh chemicals that strip your skin of its natural moisture barrier.
  • Effective skincare is more than regularly following a regime.  It’s important not to over do any step from cleansing, exfoliating or moisturizing.
  • I like to listen to the ancient Greeks when they taut “Moderation in all things.”  Or, maybe Goldilocks is your paradigm, not too little, not too much, choose whatever feels “just right.”
  • Feel free to play and explore fun new ways to cleanse, Mother and Daughter at Bath - MAIN PAGE - Crop - Blog - Smnourish, soothe and refresh your mind, body and spirit.  There’s a whole world of fabulous fresh fragrances (and a fragrance-free option) out there for you to try.
  • We have 20 luscious fragrances to love year-round.  If you like to play with seasonal favorites, just give us a call, and we’d be happy to share fragrances that promise to delight when winter temps fall below zero!
  • Listen to your skin and your spirit! Gentle fresh skincare treats not only your skin, but your mind, body and spirit.
  • Keep your promise to go for super fabulous healthy skin everyday this year and for the rest of your life with a skincare regime that fits your lifestyle.  There might be an amazing skincare regimen out there that promises miraculous visible and tangible effects, but if it’s outside your lifestyle parameters, whatever they may be (time, money, style,…), why even go there?
  • A simple skincare mindset to have your most beautiful, soft, smooth and supple skin with a healthy radiant glow 365 days a year is within reach and commitment. Not only while on vacation or a special date, but all the time? Just for you, because you feel great when your skin looks and feels great!  And, you deserve nothing less!

Never found a skincare regime that suited your skin and your lifestyle?  No worries.  Your skin has remarkable rejuvenating powers, and asks only for a minimal amount of TLC, the kind that’s super fun to give. Your skin promises to return a grateful “Je t’aime aussi” (I love you too”).  With a little info and playtime, you’ll discover the perfect skincare routine just for you!

The difference will be immediately noticeable, and with an established routine, long lasting.

When  you see and feel the results, you’ll be excited more than ever about the skincare regime you created!

Ever noticed how things seem magically clarified once you write them down? It’s as if the answers were waiting for you.

Why not create your own unique skincare regime that suits your skin and your lifestyle by starting with a few questions.

Let’s get started:

  • Are you a bath or shower maven? Because, we are all the mavens of our own lives!
  • How long is your bath or shower?
  • Is it’s raison d’etre to relax and soothe, or to get clean and get out?
  • Do you exfoliate? If so, how often? Regularly? If not, do you know why exfoliation is so important?
  • Do you towel dry and you’re on your way; OR, do you apply moisturizer while your skin is still moist?  Tip:  It’s always best to apply a rich moisturizer to slightly damp skin to lock in precious natural moisture.
  • If you apply an after-bath skincare treatment product, what kind: lotion, creme, or body butter?
  • Do you use more than one product?
  • After your bath or shower, does your skin feel or look dry, tight, rough and its texture uneven or dull?
  • How about fragrance?  Do you use scented or unscented products?
  • If you use fragrance, do you L-O-V-E the fragrance? Does it make you feel beautifully warm and cozy; romantic and sensual; refreshed and energized; calm, peaceful and relaxed? Nothing just so-so. We’re talking nothing short of fantastically va va va voom.
  • Does the fragrance remind you of a time, place or thing that made you feel like the le cube de parfum set - Pinterest - 200 X 200most free-spirited, beautiful, elegant, lively, feminine creature on earth, and you can’t wait to put it on, smell it’s lingering fragrance on your skin all day or night, and on your clothes the next morning? Does it express an essential quality of who you are or want to be? WHO do you want to be?  Don’t be afraid to be her.
  • Fragrance expresses the quintessential you, the woman you are and desire to be.  It is the stuff of memories.  Wear it for you.  Make memories for everyone you love.  What could be more beautiful!
  • One last thing: We love the way our gorgeous fresh fragrances in our soaps, sugar scrubs, lotions, creme, and body butters make us feel, how they celebrate our spirit, but the most important thing about our products is that they are first and foremost SKINCARE products that treat our skin safely, gently and effectively to be its healthiest and most beautiful.
  • Whether you choose Red Note Botanica or another natural skincare line, always keep this in mind.  Use only products that gently treat your skin and help it to be its most radiant, healthy, soft and smooth.
  • Our skin absorbs at least 65% of what we apply to it topically.  It’s essential that we use products with fresh natural and organic ingredients that at best nourish and protect our skin with antioxidant vitamins and nutrients, and at minimum do no harm to it.

If you are regularly caring for your skin with products that work for you, wonderful. Keep it up! Your skin will express its gratitude in lasting beauty and radiant health.

If not, it’s time to take action and notice a real difference!  Ever heard that this is not a dress rehearsal?  It’s life, and you skin is depending upon the choices you make and to which you commit.

  • Anything you’ve thought about doing, but have not yet done?
  • What sounds new and exciting in the world of skincare for the bath?
  • Would you like to experiment with new fragrances?
  • Have you ever used a sugar scrub or body butter? (They go scrumptiously together).
  • Do you wish you could change your skin’s texture or appearance for more than 24 hours?
  • Do you tumble into a boring routine of the same-old not only because it seems easiest, but because you don’t know what other options might be out there?
  • Or, are there too many options, and it’s just too confusing to select the idea ones for your skin?

If you’d like to explore new products and fragrances, we’re here to help you get started, play, and have fun answering your questions. It’s easy. Just ask  Amusez-vous cherie.

Just jump in and try some new things.  It’s fun!  Fun, by the way, is essential. If it’s not fun, we don’t do it, right? Fun makes us feel fab, and who doesn’t want to feel fab.

I think we really cannot separate ourselves, our goals, resolutions, desires for whatever from how we want to feel.

Back to skincare…If our skincare routine is fun, we look forward to going through the process every morning and evening, and when we see the results, it’s easy to keep it up, and we want to share our secrets with our best friends.  Come on, you simply must share when your friends notice the je ne sais quoi difference in your skin AND your spirit!  We promise you’ll be delighted when those you’ve known forever notice something special about you.

Are you ready?  Get your mindset wrapped around this, and STAY TUNED to our next blog for a 3-easy step skincare for the bath routine!

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