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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Of course fashion mags and department stores are already into fall wardrobe, but really who wants to stash away their summer sandals in August?  Not me.

I love to max out every moment of summer!  In Minnesota, it’s too short a season to contemplate anything else.

It’s still summer so let’s face it, we’re not ready for boots, socks and tights yet. During this barefoot, sandals and flip flops season that we want so badly to last and last, let’s keep up the care of our hands and feet with daily cleansing, exfoliating, and body butter to nourish and soothe. Taking care of all of our skin from head to toes throughout the summer will make it easier for us to continue to do so later in the year when our skin may not be as exposed to the natural environment (and other human beings who matter most to us), but still requires tender loving care to be its healthiest.     Neil Photography 40z-group-15439-RET-web-feather - bb collection Facebook - Crop - Blog - Sm

Walking barefoot whenever possible is best for our feet, as long as we make sure to thoroughly cleanse and care for them at the end of the day.  

A gentle cleansing (non-detergent) soap, exfoliating sugar scrub and body butter will keep feet their softest and smoothest.

When pretty hands and feet are on display, they benefit from more frequent exfoliation and moisturizing treatments to slough off dead surface skin cells, maintain a radiant glow, and deeply moisturize to protect from dryness.

Secret: the absolute best thing you can you for your feet Red Note Botanica Sugar Scruband hands this summer, if you do only one thing (and really, you should do more like cleanse and moisturize, but I know you’ll do this too) is EXFOLIATE.

Get rid of old dull dry surface skin cells to reveal new radiant skin on hands and feet, AND since we’re on the exfoliation topic for hands and feet, I’m going to jump right in and say slightly off-topic,  – please don’t forget your neck and decollete, especially in the summer.

This skin can get flaky fast, and who wants this?  Pas moi, and yet, the other day in the sauna, this is exactly what I noticed on my neck, imagine that?

Use leftover exfoliating sugar scrub on your neck and decollete at least twice a week, and you’ll be amazed at the diff.

So, cheers to pretty hands, feet, neck and decollete, summer sandals, flip-flops,….the relaxed beauty of summer!   Striped Flip Flops and Towel on Fence at Beach - CC - 200X200

Bises xo



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