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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

“Life is like playing a violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.”
Samuel Butler (1835-1902) Victorian author and poet

Fall is a time for new adventures. What do you dream of learning? What’s on your bucket list?

. Hablar espanol while dining on paella in Barcelona, late into the night, under the stars.  Manger tarte a l’oignon in Strasbourg, and parler francais strolling along la route du vin, inhaling air that smells of melted cheese and the best white wine ever.

. Paint a portrait of your child, one that captures her heart and spirit.

. Sculpt your dog’s face as a classical work of art.  It goes perfectly next to Buddha’s head.

. Write a love poem, novel, or your family history (add a little sizzle to all)

. Horseback ride in Wyoming.  Sing with wolves.  Swim with dolphins.

. Slow dance at sunset on a beach (on in your backyard). Tap dance your way into his heart.

. Bake a chocolate cheesecake worthy of the best bakery in town.  Invite a friend.  Devour. If it’s a flop, say that’s the way they love it in France.  Most people will believe you.

The possibilities are endless. The bath is the perfect time to dream about all the beautiful adventures life offers.  Life is about taking a leap into something new and sharing the adventure.

Keep a secret journal to write down new items on your bucket list.  Create a Bucket List Pinterest Board, and start pinning.  Once you start, it’ll be a challenge to stop, and who says you need to.  Keep going until you need to refuel.

Just make sure to take your list off the pages and bring it to life!

Here’s my bucket list  See anything you’d like to do too?  Of all of our boards, this is one of the most popular!

This tells me that lots of us share dreams, and we love opening the door to peak into the dreams of others for inspiration and connection.

Inspire us.  Share what’s on your bucket list, or tell us ways you’re exploring adventures on your list.

Chances are, we’ll want to add a few of your items onto ours!

New adventures in fragrance for fall: Play with warm, spicier fragrances:

Wrap yourself in fall’s new fragrances warmed by vanilla with a subtle hint of ginger, cinnamon, or clove. Play with new products and fragrances in a variety of colors, shapes and textures to cleanse, , exfoliate and  moisturize.   bbSSD.018.5-15422-RET

Layering new products and fragrances in your simple 3-step skincare for the bath routine creates an open field for your infinite creativity to flourish. Nurture your mind, body and spirit with warm evening baths to promote essential beauty sleep, especially during seasonal transitions.

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