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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

As the days grow shorter, the temperatures cool down, and dried leaves fall from the trees, it’s time to take your cue from nature.

Less moisture in the air means less moisture for your skin.

In addition, indoor heat removes natural moisture from your skin.

It’s time to switch to richer cremes and body butters to moisturize skin that, like nature, tends to feel and look dryer and “thirstier” through the fall and winter months ahead.

A little TLC now will go a long way into the fall and winter.  You love switching things up from time to time.  You’re never boring, so why should your skincare be?  Happy Mom and Daughter in Autumn Park - FIRST LOVE - Crop - Blog - Sm

If you haven’t used an all-over body lotion over the summer months, now is definitely the time to start.

Some skincare food for thought:

Our Lotion Potion No. 9 is uber-rich, thick and luscious, perfect for almost all skin types Red Note Botanica Lotionthroughout the year.  ALERT: This is not your average milky lotion.  It’s so creamy that you might have to remove the bottle top to let it “plop out” if doesn’t quite “pour”.  Don’t worry, that’s the way we make it, because we think it’s rich formulation is just what your skin needs, especially this time of year.  So, have fun with getting it out of the bottle and onto your thirsty skin!

If you’re already using a body lotion regularly and your skin feels and appears dryer and maybe even a little rough in spots, up the oil to water ratio of your moisturizer by using a creme or body butter.

Or if you have mature, dry or sensitive skin, now is the time to play with new cremes and body butters.  You’ll see if they’re perfect for your entire body, or for just the driest areas, like your neck, decollete, elbows, hands and feet.

Not all of the skin on your body is the same, so why treat it the same?  Maybe an overall lotion is yummy, but drier bits need creamier or more buttery emollient treatments?

cremeB.020VOoh la la Creme is like a heavy whipping creme.   We whip it until it’s like thick creme fraiche.  Our creme is the next step up from a lotion for a deep moisturizing treatment, but with less oil to water ratio than our body butter.  Our customers love the pampering luscious feel of our cremes, or what we love to call the “ooh la la” factor!

Butter Up! You’re Super Fab… body butters are well, like butter. Simple.

Have you tried products that call themselves butters, and then you find that they “pour” out of their tubes?  Me too.  Not what we expected, right?

I wanted to create a “butter”, like it says.    Neil Photography 40z-group-15439-RET-web-feather - bb collection Facebook - Crop - Blog - Sm

We formulate our body butters with four nutrient and vitamin-rich natural butters solid at room temp: shea, mango, cocoa and shorea butters.

And yes, we really do think YOU are super fab, so why shouldn’t your body butter be too?

Butter Up! You’re Super Fab.. is what driest skin needs to feel and look super fab too!

Most important thing:

Always, listen to your skin.  It will tell you exactly what it needs to look and feel it’s healthiest and most beautiful.

When you nourish and pamper your skin with the right products that make it feel cared for and loved it will love you right back.

Need personalized help?  Send an email, and we’d love to help!  We try our best to respond within 24 hours.  We know how important your skin is!

When the first snow fills the air and the bare branches on the trees look like an exquisite picture postcard, you’ll have your favorite cremes and body butters at easy reach, and won’t have to give another thought to dry skin.

Pampering your skin now is the perfect protection so you’ll be worry-free (about your skin) when winter comes to stay.


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