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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Indulge in summer’s freedom to play with everything, including fresh natural skincare for the bath products and fragrances.


Try these in a variety of different mix and match products like soaps, sugar scrubs, lotions, cremes, body butters and solid perfume cubes:

Discover your favorites as you play.  Which ones reminds you of a favorite place or time in your life? Your honeymoon?  A romantic weekend with your partner?  Inspire you to take off to an island you’ve always dreamed of visiting?

Then, layer skincare products to intensify your favorite fragrances.

For example, if  MIMI A TAHITI! (Mimi in Tahiti!) transports you to a tropical paradise where you can almost feel the white sand between your toes and the warm breeze blow around your tie-dyed beach pareo, why not indulge in the everyday luxury of Mimi a Tahiti in a cleansing soap, sugar scrub, and lotion, creme, and/or body butter?

You’ll intensify this elegant tropical fragrance  and extend its longevity by layering the fragrance you love!  Surround yourself in fragrance, make your dreams come true, and cook up new memories to last a lifetime!

For your own unique signature fragrance, play with mixing and matching scents in a variety of skincare products.

Most of the fragrances listed above are complementary, and may be mixed and matched when choosing fragrance collections for your soaps, sugar scrubs, lotions, cremes, body butters, and perfume cubes.

Why not try MIMI A TAHITI soap, followed by a DREAMSICLE SMILES sugar scrub, and wrap yourself in the citrus coziness of MEI MEI’S SWEET SUMMER DREAMS body butter!

The result will be a custom or signature fragrance only you wear, and the best part, not only will you feel and smell super fab, but when others fall in love with your fragrance, you can tell them YOU created it!

It’s all about lightheartedness of spirit, sensing with your eyes, touch and smell. Unveil your inner self as you’ve never known her before.

Share the gift of her unique beauty with those whom you love.  Spread la joie de vivre you feel!

Happy summer xoxo

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