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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Your daughter’s home from school!  Woo hoo!

For how long?  Is she going off to camp?  For just the day?  Or is it time for her weekly getaways? Always so hard.  I get it, and you’ll never stop missing her while she’s away.  One thing that helps, just a little bit?  Mommy and me skincare.

Because fragrance is memory,… and fresh natural luxury skincare and luscious fragrances seem too wonderful a secret to keep to yourself.

I know you want to share the dreamy pleasures of beautiful gentle products with your family and friends, and this includes, above all, your daughter (younger sister, niece, granddaughter, god daughter, or any special lovely young girl in your life) who loves fragrances and skincare products made just for her, sweet juicy love in a bottle or jar to nurture her skin.

You’ll love them too of course!

We’ve created two luscious Mei Mei et Maman (Mommy and Me) fragrance collections…perfect for when your lovely goes off to summer camp, and you miss each other oodles and oodles. Then she returns to your arms, full of adventures to share.

Wrap yourself and your daughter up in fragrance that spells L-O-V-E with


Essential oils of orange, tangerine, lemon, lime and pink grapefruit warmed by sweet vanilla cream refresh you and your daughter, and prepare you for a night of the most enchantingly sweet summer (or anytime) dreams.


Uniquely feminine blend of sweet dark cherries, oranges, berries, florals, candied almonds and vanilla sugar make this fragrance deliciously distinctive to wear year-round. It’s cherry-citrus-vanilla candy girl (of any age) endearing charm sparkles when you and your daughter share its secret fragrance.

When you daughter goes off to summer camp, make sure to pack SWEET DREAMS DEAR PANDA and MEI MEI’S SWEET SUMMER DREAMS body butter in her suitcase.

Or send her some small sizes as a surprise gift in the mail.

When she gets a little homesick at night, she’ll spread these sweetly soothing fruity fragrances on her neck, arms, hands, legs and feet, wherever she needs a little extra pampering away from home.  She’ll remember this fragrance on her mom’s skin, and in a magical way, you’ll be together even though she’s away having the time of her life!

It’s the next best thing to you being with her.

Keep yours at easy reach on your nightstand to apply before you doze off. You’ll need some too to keep her close to you, even while away.

Imagine a split screen with each of you applying your beautiful body butter to your skin, each in a different place in the world, but with your hearts connected to one another, the best connection there is between two people.

Discover yourself reunited with each other in fragrance, and celebrate her return by sharing these treasured Mommy and Daughter fragrances again as you fall asleep next to each other. Happy to once again be in the same space.

My daughter and I do this whenever she goes away, whether for an overnight or a week. Not only is she comforted by our sweet fruity floral scent and her super soft skin after a hard day of outdoor play, but all the girls in her cabin want their very own!

Since my daughter was a very young girl, she’s noticed the beautiful lingering fragrance on my clothes, and loved to sleep near me in bed.

Sometimes, I’ll find her dressed in my robe, dragging on the floor, which smells faintly of fragrance she recognizes as one that we’ve shared.

For us, fragrance seems to be like Proust’s madeleine in “la recherche du temps perdu”, dipped into a cup of tilleul, memories come floating back.

Discover your own favorite fragrances to share with your lovely. These are two delightfully perfect ultra-feminine fragrances that we know mothers AND daughters love.

Of course, you may want to wear them just because you love the fragrances but the charm factor soars when you share your fragrance with the young girl you love with all your heart who wants to grow up to be just like you in so many ways.

The spirit of young daughters who want their skin to smell just like their moms is one of the best gifts in life.

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