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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Take a bath tonight, cherie.  For those of you who know me well, you know this is my modus operandi for just about everything.  And, I love to share it with everyone I truly love.  So here goes…

The bath is your isolation tank. It’s where you keep it real!  An oasis to reconnect with your genuine self. Let go of all the stuff that you won’t remember next week.  Feel work, family and worldly you melt away, leaving only the real you that deserves the best bath ever!  Create this super fab bath just for YOU.  

Woman in Spa Tub - MAIN PAGE - Crop - Blog - SmDecorate your bathroom as a sacred sanctuary, a whimsical escape, a jazzy bling filled palace.  Make it your own. Whatever colors, fragrances, lights, flavors, towels, music, ambiance,….make you happy, peaceful, recharged.  Here are just a few ideas.  Red Note Botanica Gift Set

  • Turn off the lights or dim the bulbs of your girly girl chandelier
  • Light tub-side fragrant candles in elegant, unique or whimsical holders. I used to have patina frogs with open mouths holding candles.  My family wondered if I’d gone over the whimsy edge, but I loved those frogs.  They made me feel like I was soaking in an outdoor pond, without going so far as to meet any real frogs that would make me jump!
  • Explore fragrances that match or complement the fragrances of your favorite skincare for the bath products.
  • A warm cup of herbal tea (chamomile, rose hips or dandelion (the latter with honey, ’cause dandelion can be slightly bitter) are relaxing and great for your skin), a crystal wine glass with fruit juice, sparkling water with a slice of citrus, light wine or champagne are all lovely depending on your mood, the kind of day you’ve had, and your post-bath plans.
  • Let’s not forget the power of dark chocolate, a few precious bites of almond macaroons, vanilla fudge, or refreshing finger fruits like cherries, grapes and berries. Treat yourself to pastries from a special shop, close your eyes and dream about “Cousin, Cousine”, the 1975 french flick with Marie Christine Barrault and the famous bath scene.  Mind travel wherever you want to go.  Your bath, your dream location.
  • A book of poems, meditations, philosophy, light reading, or your inspirational red love note, something you might not make time for later.  Crossword puzzles and a bit of trashy or pulp Facebook Reading a Red Book in Tub at Home - MAIN PAGE - Crop - Blogfiction, if that’s your thing are perfectly acceptable.  The bath is no place for highbrow pretensions, realities or judgements. Your bath knows your true self, and it’s not talking unless you do. Confession:  I’m a crossword puzzle addict.
  • Background music. Ein kleine nacht musik. What are you in the mood for at this moment? Classical, jazz, new age, folk, film scores, howling wolves, ocean waves or soft rain?  If you’re getting ready for a big date, why not rock out? Close your eyes, allow the lyrics and music to carry you away, sing your heart out and dance horizontally like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  So many films are swirling around in my mind.  Maybe because the only thing I might love more than baths are films!  Back to music in the tub… You might want to steer clear of songs by Bruno Mars, Lenny Kravitz and Prince (love ’em all) because I can’t promise you won’t feel irresistibly inclined to Red Note Botanica Sugar Scrubstand up and dance, and I’m a safety girl.  No vertical dancing in the tub.  My one rule.  Save it for the shower.  Showers are made for dancing – try it!
  • Your favorite lusciously fragranced soap and exfoliating sugar scrub delight your senses and pamper your skin as you luxuriate in the tub’s calming waters.

No matter how simple or elaborate your bath, its innate pleasure resides in your temporary retreat from the details, noise, and minutia of the external world.

Small children running around outside the door? Maybe it’s daddy time.  I remember days when I placed my baby daughter in her car seat and brought her into the bathroom so I could safely get out of my pajamas, take a bath, and dress before dinner!  Ever had those kinds of days?

Put in some ear plugs or crank up the music, for just a few moments.  It’s all about YOU, alone with your thoughts and dreams.

One last thing I don’t want to forget to share with you: Let your bath be a love letter to YOU. You so completely deserve a love letter.  You’ll be a #12 Paper Hearts Cut Out with White Note (large) - Crop - Blog - Smsaner calmer person after soaking in a warm bath of skin softening natural oils and butters.  Let your thoughts and dreams float freely, without design or direction.  Write a letter of love to you alone. It can be simple, one or two sentences, whatever comes to mind, something you feel in your heart,…Once your heart smiles at its expression of love, release it into the universe, and it will remain forever yours.

Chic Urban Woman Blowing Heart Kisses - FRENCH KISSES - Crop - Blog - Sm

It is only when we cling to things that we are certain to lose them. In the moment of releasing your love letter, it begins to exist forever, within you.  Thank you Buddha.  (I seem to recall this is a Buddhist saying).

How can anyone not want to make time for the ritual of the bath?  It’s one of the best things in the whole world we can do to rejuvenate our skin and celebrate our spirit everyday!

Take a bath tonight, cherie xoAsian Girl Smiling - MAIN PAGE - Crop - Blog - Sm

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