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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Winter drab be-gone. Perk up your thoughts, dreams and creative imagination with beautiful spring floral colors from palest pinks, roses, lilacs, mints, sea foams, melons, butters, and cocoas to the brightest fuchsias, limes, cherries, sunshine yellows and tangerines. Your favorite fresh spring colors are all here!  

Color holds amazing power to inspire cheerfulness, so don’t be shy about welcoming color into your daily life with beautiful soaps, sugar scrubs, lotions, cremes, body butters and perfume cubes.

All of our products (except our fragrance-free collection, which is also color-free for the most sensitive skin) are delightfully colorful in pale hues derived from food-grade colorants made in the U.S.A.

Since we’re on the topic of ingredients, it might be nice for you to know that in addition to using only food-grade colorants (yes, they’re safe to eat in culinary preparations – we order them from a gourmet food source), all of our ingredients are

  • made in the U.S.A.
  • in compliance with cosmetic standards established by the U.S., U.K. E.U., and Canada (and you know that European cosmetic standards are often more restrictive – protective for you – than those in the U.S.A)
  • un-adulterated or un-changed from their natural state which means that our natural oils and butters have never been treated with chemicals to deodorize or mask their natural aroma
  • cruelty-free (never tested on animals)

Try several colors together like a floral bouquet in your armoire, shelf or on your bathroom vanity.

Mix it up with a variety of lusciously fragrant and colorful soap hearts, flowers and cubes in a ceramic or glass bowl or serving platter in your bathroom. Certain to make your smile every time you see and smell them.   Fragrance and color are two delights that thrill me every day!  It’s the sum of small joyful moments that make a joyful life!

Are you in the mood for citrus, floral, warm, sweet, minty? You choose.

Let whimsy be your guide.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Have fun!

Arrange different fragrances and pastel colors of your lotions, cremes and body butters as an elegant spring collection on your shelf.

Celebrate the pleasures of color and fragrance in your life everyday!

Connect with your inner child who instinctively knows it’s spring when the first dandelions and daffodils sprout and bloom, and and you’ll remember exactly how to celebrate the fresh colors of nature!

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