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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

The Ritual of the Bath…

is inextricably connected to love and romance, for yourself and those with whom you share your life.

Keep your promise to take time out of your scheduled day for self care: pause, slow down, unwind, relax and treat your mind, body and spirit to luxurious nutrient-rich ingredients that rejuvenate your skin and luscious fragrances that celebrate your spirit.

This isn’t about putting on your oxygen mask before assisting others.  Don’t even think of anyone else right now.  We’re calling out to YOU – to your inner spa queen, dreamer and sensualist only!

Did you know the bath solves nearly all problems, conundrums, worries, concerns, and offers amazing answers to your “what should I do now” moments?

Take a bath tonight, cherie.

In the bath, you:   

  • enter a sanctuary in which you pause to unwind and exist in the beauty of the present moment
  • cease juggling the demands of the day
  • no longer operate under the direction of others
  • release everything going on in the outer world
  • listen to the voice of your own heart and spirit
  • tumble into the pleasure of reverie and the flow of your own thoughts
  • discover creative inspiration
  • unveil your true inner beauty, grace, and charm
  • don’t have to choose between whimsy and elegance; you can be whomever you are in the moment, and there are no rules (I absolutely love indulging in both at the same time – yes it’s possible!) I’ve been told (kindly, not critically) by the man with whom I share my life that I can get wrapped up in whimsy, and you know what?  In the bath, it doesn’t matter – bring on oodles of whimsy ’til the cows come home!  *I’m a Minnesota girl, so though I’ve never lived on a farm, we still talk about cows, knowing they’d never really make it to my home, but if they did in some fairytale alternate universe, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t know quite what to do with them.
  • give yourself the gift of healing, reparation, and rejuvenation
  • listen to the questions your heart and spirit pose, joyful trusting that all answers lie within you.
  • Been searching for solutions or wondering how to get from A to B?  Get in the bath.  Release all conscious thought on the matter. There’s a pretty good chance, all  you seek will be served up to you, maybe with a few surprises, and something even better than you could imagine.  Cease going after answers with forced concentration, and just let go, release it to the universe, to a superior power. Try it, and let me know.
  • Wondering what your ex thought of you when you ran into him at the grocery store in your let’s just schlepp over to Lunds & Byerlys for a sec to pick up a baguette for din-din old black trench jacket and yoga pants with roots that were overdue for a salon visit? Wondering how many years it’s been since you’ve been in yoga togs from morning to night (most days)?  Count backwards, how old is your daughter?  Then take a bath tonight cherie.
  • luxuriate in the sensations of cleansing water, fragrances that fill the air and linger on the surface of your skin, nourishing natural oils and butters that soften skin and nurture the spirit.
  • I make a fab bath melt (not for sale at Red Note, just my little DIY treat, and I’m happy to share the simple 3-ingredient recipe if you’d like it: I use cocoa butter, coconut oil and avocado oil) that makes the bath water feel like floating silk.  Your driest winter skin will love it.  One of the things I love about these bath melts is that you can alter the recipe based on oils and butters you might have on hand at home, and the fragrances and/or essential oils too!
  • revitalize your spirit and emerge newly energized, balanced, calm, refreshed and ready to follow your heart’s bliss in the most joyful, effortless and natural way. You’re ready for anything!

When you emerge revitalized from the bath, and smooth on fragrant lotions, cremes and body butters, and express gratitude for your unique beauty.

Remember, the best time to hydrate, lock in natural moisture, and protect your skin is after you’ve gently patted your skin dry, but still have moisture droplets on your skin’s surface.

You deserve to be cared for. You deserve to enjoy healthy supple skins that smells absolutely fabulous, for YOU.

Those with whom we share our lives may appreciate the benefits, but the ritual of the bath is for YOU, and it is what repeatedly draws you back to the daily dialectic of cleansing and renewal – You feel wonderful in your skin. Se sentir bien dans sa peau, is the French expression.

The bath is an inherently romantic gift that holds the potential to express gratitude for your unique self.  That’s why we say, in the mood for love – get in the bath!  Feel wonderful in your skin (and mind and spirit).  Then, if you choose, go out and share it!

When you share love’s fab vibes, I promise they will come back to you, ’cause that’s the thing about love.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning shared “Whoever love true life, will love true love.”

Take a bath tonight cherie xo

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