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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

August can be one of the hottest months of the summer. Cool morning baths or showers to get moving, and warm evening baths to slow down and unwind offer wonderfully pampering holistic treatments for your skin and your spirit.

At the end of a fun-filled hot summer day, soak for 20-30 minutes in a warm (not hot) bath. Drink either warm herbal tea, iced water or juice. It will help to cleanse and detox your organs from the inside out, including the skin, the largest organ of your body, the pathway through which many toxins are removed.    Woman in Spa Tub - MAIN PAGE - Crop - Blog - Sm

Dandelion tea is an excellent alterative herbal detox tea, but your favorite tea or water will be a great choice too.  I like to mix organic dandelion tea with a black or herbal tea, as dandelion may be somewhat bitter.    Chinese Tea Pot with 2 Cups red platter - TEA PARTY - Crop - Blog - Sm

Unwind from the day’s activities, the soaring temps and humidity which can make every moment seem more languid.

It’s difficult to move at a breakneck pace when the air feels ever on the verge of a soft summer rain. Take your time to live in and enjoy the moment or task at hand.

Don’t rush. Trust that what you need to complete, you will. Take pleasure in a slower mindful approach to all you do.

Emerge from the tub, before you dry off completely, apply your lotion, creme or body butter as a gentle healing massage to still moist skin.  Neil Photography 40z-group-15439-RET-web-feather - bb collection Facebook - Crop - Blog - Sm

Your summer skin which has been exposed to the sun more than usual will drink in this moisture, especially dry areas like your neck, decollete, hands, feet, and elbows, areas where we sometimes forget to apply sunscreen.

Follow with a sweep of your favorite refreshing le cube de parfum or solid perfume twist tube on your neck, decollete, and pulse points.  Freshly moisturized skin will hold fragrance more intensely.    pc-BNCT - Crop - Blog - Sm

TIP:  During the hottest month of the summer:  Keep your skincare products in the fridge for 30 minutes before using.  When you apply them to your warm skin, they will feel even more refreshingly delicious.

This is especially yummy when applied to your neck and feet, and will cool all of you down within seconds!

Lay down for a few moments. Listen to your own thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations. Release yourself from the temptation to address line items on your to-do list. Empty your basket of directed thoughts. Follow the free flow of thoughts that relax and take you on an unexpected journey of discovery.

Meditate. Dream. Think of nothing specific if you like. Just be. Your mind, body and spirit will cool and return to a balanced state as you drift into dreamland under a light duvet.   Asian Woman Asleep in White - SKINCARE 101 - Crop - Blog - Sm

And you know what?  Just when you’re not directing your thoughts to unanswered questions of the day, the answers will magically appear to you.

This is one of the reasons I will always love the ritual of the bath – the whole process, from prep with my fave products within easy reach, candles, tea,… to treating my skin after, and relaxing.  Trust me on this one, and let me know your experiences.

Interested in the ritual of the bath through time and place?  When you’re passionate about the bath, it’s fascinating to learn that there may only be six (or maybe a few more) degrees of separation between moi and Cleopatra!

Our Pinterest Board “The ritual of the bath” includes amazing pics and stories about how women around the world and since the beginning of recorded history have cherished the bath’s intimate self-nuturing, physical and spiritual cleansing, beautification, and preparation for very special events.    Woman in Tub with Flower Petsals - MAIN SKINCARE 101 VOLUPTE - Crop - Blog - Sm

  • Indoor/outdoor baths
  • celebrities
  • ancient Roman Empire and Greece
  • Old Testament to New
  • India
  • South Pacific
  • South America
  • Japan
  • Europe
  • Morocco
  • spas
  • children’s bubble baths

The photos are truly amazing.

Want to hop on a plane to see an ancient bath site, imagine yourself slipping into Cleopatra’s ancient tub filled with roses and botanical oils? Close your eyes.  Feel the Granite Sculpture in Paris of Couple Kissing Sm Blogsensual pleasure of the bath inspired by a “sister” a long way from you in time and place, but magically close to you right now – what a beautiful connection, n’est-ce pas cherie?

Happy bath time!

Bisous xoxo

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