written by Raulla S. Mitchell


  • the topical removal of dead surface skin cells by particles (see below) or a chemical application (e.g. glycolic, lactic or other acids)
  • sugar, salt, nut or seed particles (e.g. walnuts, almonds), grains (e.g. oatmeal, rice), or synthetic granular materials are used within a lotion, cream or butter/oil base to gently massage skin to remove old surface skin cells which can otherwise clog pores, leave skin looking dull, sallow, or with blotchy pigmentation discoloration, and feeling rough or uneven textured.


  • Exfoliation is one of the most important treatments to preserve vibrant healthy smooth skin with a radiant glow.
  • Regular exfoliation will optimize the effectiveness of topical moisturizing treatments. It’s best to apply your moisturizer (lotion, creme or body butter) to exfoliated fresh new skin, rather than on top of dead dull surface skin cells waiting to flake off. Moisturizer will penetrate more readily, hydrating and protecting, on an exfoliated skin surface.


  • Sugar offers extremely gentle exfoliation of skin’s dead surface skin cells.  
  • Salt may irritate skin with any open wounds, even small paper cuts that may not be clearly visible to the eye, but you’ll notice a stinging sensation immediately upon massaging in a salt scrub.
  • Nut and seed particles are not as gentle as sugar, and may also irritate delicate skin if the particles have sharp edges which can tear your skin.
  • Oatmeal and rice exfoliation are generally gentle; however, they do not tend to leave skin with the radiant glow that sugar does.

For these reasons, we think that sugar offers the best gentle exfoliation for your body.


Regular exfoliation twice weekly with our sugar scrubs in your favorite fragrances will   

  • stimulate circulation, leaving you with a healthy radiant glow
  • encourage cell turnover for your most youthful rejuvenated skin
  • help to preserve skin elasticity for your smoothest skin
  • nourish skin with essential fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins and nutrients as natural oils and butters easily penetrate
  • hydrate and lock in precious moisture, healing, repairing and protecting on contact
  • provide an excellent fragrant foundation for your moisturizing treatments (lotions, cremes and body butters)
  • Overly frequent or zealous exfoliation may not be a good thing.  We think twice a week is the max that you should exfoliate.  Estheticians have noticed increased inflammatory reactions related to daily or overly frequent exfoliation.
  • And, your skin never needs the sand paper treatment – no need to be rough or harsh in applying your sugar scrub.  Soft gentle massage in circular movements are all that your skin needs.  Think relaxing spa treatment, rather than sand paper on wood!


  • 2-3 large tablespoons or Asian soup spoons like those included with all our scrubs) of your favorite GENTLE EXFOLIATING SUGAR SCRUB in the palm of your hand will cover most of your body as you very gently massage in a circular motion on neck, shoulders, decollete, arms, legs, stomach and back. Avoid breasts and sensitive body areas.
  • Take a small amount at a time, and scoop up more scrub as you go.
  • Because the base ingredients of all our sugar scrubs include butters that are solid at room temp and melt on contact with your skin, they will not be gloppy gloopy and end up in the tub or shower.  You’ll find that it easy to scoop up just the right amount to apply directly to your skin without waste.
  • Following a gentle exfoliating massage, take time to soak in the natural butters and oils, which will easily penetrate your skin to literally melt away dryness and leave your skin amazingly smooth and glowing.
  • Rinse off sugar completely before applying your after bath moisturizer.  Another lovely thing about sugar scrubs is that sugar rinses clean without leaving small particles on your skin.  All you’ll feel is your smoothest skin ever!


  • You will notice the visible and tangible benefits of renewed suppleness and radiance immediately after your first exfoliation.
  • With regular exfoliation twice weekly, you will observe the maximization of these benefits. Your skin will appear and feel smoother, softer, and more radiant than imaginable.
  • You will notice that your fragrance lingers remarkably longer on skin that is moist and healthy. Dry skin does not retain fragrance with the same intensity or duration that healthy skin does.
  • The oil and butter base of our gentle sugar scrubs lock in protective moisture and help to reinforce the staying power of your fragrance.  You’ll find this especially helpful during the dry cold winter months when fragrance applied to dry skin seems to dissipate into the air in no time.  When you apply fragrant products to healthy moisturized skin, you extend the longevity of fragrance on your skin!

STAY TUNED for our final Step 3 for healthy radiant skin – MOISTURIZE – in our next blog…

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