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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

The busier you are, the more you’ll love your new BFFs – our super fun and innovative LE CUBE DE PARFUM, solid perfume cube and our Solid Perfume twist tubes.

  • Pop it into your purse to carry wherever you go. Instantly refresh your fragrance and hydrate your skin with one sweep.  Across pulse points, neck, decollete, arms, legs, hands, wherever you’d like fragrance to linger!
  • Natural shea butter, apricot and avocado oils.  Leave your fragranced skin butter soft, and hydrated skin helps fragrance to last longer.
  • At the gym, office, around town, on a date, on a plane.  Our cube is uber-generously sized at 3 oz, and our twist tubes last a super long time at .6 oz.  No airline will refuse it, and you’ll never worry about spills or breakage from a glass bottle. It’s your new best friend on the go.

TAKING CARE OF YOUR LE CUBE DE PARFUM and Solid Perfume twist tubes:

To retain the shape and fragrance of your LE CUBE DE PARFUM, particularly during the hot and humid summer months when temps over 85 degrees may allow it to temporarily soften (not melt), please keep your cube in a dark cool dry area (armoire or cabinet) and not in direct heat or sunlight.                   Sold Perfume Flower Fruit Mountain Red Note Botanica

Your Solid Perfume twist tube may soften slightly in temps over 85 degrees, but it’s contained within its tube, so it will not melt or change shape. Just pop it into your fridge, and it will return to its normal hardness.

Do not leave LE CUBE DE PARFUM or Solid Perfume twist tubes directly exposed to the sun’s heat means not  at the outdoor pool, golf course, tennis court, backyard party, or especially in your car for long periods of time. If it begins to soften slightly, no worries, because you’ve kept it in its container. Simply put it back into the fridge as soon as possible.  It will return to its hardened cube shape.

Any perfumed product exposed to warm temps or heat will begin to alter its chemical composition, and eventually lose its beautiful delicate fragrance. Essential oils, and all botanically-based products, are particularly sensitive to heat and sun, and may break down before their normal shelf-life if not properly stored.  We use only the highest quality 100% pure essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances for your pleasure and safety, so a little bit of care, as you would with any fragrance goes a long way to preserving your Le Cube de Parfum and your Solid Perfume twist tubes.

We advise you to keep all fragrances and essential oils in a cool dry place throughout the year to ensure maximum shelf-life.  Your beautiful jumbo cubes will last a very long time – over one pc-BNCT - Crop - Blog - Smyear –  if you exercise minimal care as noted.  And who doesn’t want to try a new fragrance or product after one year?

One of our raving loyal customers fell in love with her first Solid Perfume twist tube in Splendor in the Lemongrass.  She took it to the gym, applied it after her workout, and throughout her day at the office, running errands, and having dinner out with her family before dashing to soccer Perfume Tube Splendor in the Lemongrass Red Note Botanicapractice.  Our Solid Perfume twist tubes are made for her on-the-go lifestyle.  Her only complaint – They last so long!  I’d love to buy lots more, but even with all the times I use it, it’s still fresh and I have lots left in the tube!

She’s since bought more, and in other fragrances, to suit her different moods.  Thanks JoJo!  Well, we could make them smaller, but….Don’t worry, we have no plans in the works to create smaller versions of our long-lasting tubes.

BEAUTY TIP:  In the summer months, pop your solid perfume cube in the refrigerator for 15 min before applying to your skin.  You’ll discover something amazingly wonderful: When you sweep it across your pulse points, neck, decollete, etc., a refreshingly cool tingle of Cauc Woman in Green Spa - CC 200X200delight – un frisson de plaisir – instantly energizes and rejuvenates. Once you try this, you’ll want to keep a little secret space in your fridge!   My favorite fragrances for the fridge frisson are Splendor in the Lemongrass and Polar Bears Go Coconuts! Colorful Mixed Citrus Slices - CITRUS REVERIE - Crop - Blog - SmCool temps add to the refreshment of citrus and spearmint.  Give your fave fragrance the fridge frisson, and you’ll see!

Our Le Cube de Parfum is available in 20 fresh fragrances.  Our newest launch of Solid Perfume twist tubes are available in our four best-selling fragrances below:

Solid Perfume Red Note Botanica

Thanks ever so much for your overwhelming rave reviews of this newly launched chic solid perfume twist tube! We’re thrilled you love it!  

Perfect for spring break, summer vacation, well any vacay from mini-weekends to multi-month getaway!  Hey, you deserve it! 

Bisous from Mimi and Raulla xoxo

le cube de parfum set - Pinterest - 200 X 200

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