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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Summer is the perfect time to play with our lusciously juicy citrus fragrance collections with essential oils of orange, lemon, lime, tangerine, lemongrass and grapefruit!  Summer relaxes the go-go girl in all of us, and is there anything more soulfully refreshing than citrus energy?  We don’t think so!  Citrus beauty just makes me want to jump in!  How about you, cherie?  Carpe diem, in a sensually indulgent way unique to gorgeous YOU!


Lemon, orange, and pink grapefruit blended with sweet vanilla cream and candied almond leave you day dreaming yummy juicy things, and with renewed energy to make all your dreams come true!

Summer is for plunging with relaxed ease and graceful elegance into something new that you’ve always wanted to try.


Mixed citrus secrets replicate this quintessential sweet summertime treat. Summer simply wouldn’t be the same without dreamsicles.

Try it, and generate some smiles. Super yummmm… (and 0 calories) are the words we usually hear.

Time to be your most delish and feel fab in your skin. It’s a fab mommy-daughter fragrance to share in soaps, lotions, and body butters.

I love to moisturize with my DREAMSICLE SMILES lotion or body butter before snuggling into bed. If you’re like me, you’ll drift off to the most beautiful sleep, and awaken totally refreshed in the morning.


When summer temperatures soar, what makes you feel cooler than just about anything else?  Besides hiking up the air conditioner or putting your head in the fridge?

Cucumbers? Maybe. But how about polar bears?

Looking at these amazing bears swim in deep blue waters cools me down on a hot day.  Beautiful polar bear pals frolicking in the water with the rainbow promise of happy times to play and celebrate life resonates with the chilly silly bear spirit in me!

On a serious note, I created the delightfully refreshing POLAR BEARS GO COCONUTS  to celebrate Earth Day and draw attention to the serious plight of polar bears (and other animals) at risk for losing a substantial segment of their natural environment, and with it, their food source, due to climate change.

It’s essential for the polar bears every day of their lives, not just one day, so let’s keep this in mind and do little things that add up to major changes for all of us.  We’re all in this world together.

In POLAR BEARS GO COCONUTS!, essential oils of lime and spearmint swim with coconut creme and tropical pineapple-mango.   This playfully “chill out” fragrance cannot be beat for the best tingly blast of uber-refreshment and promises long lasting super cool tingles.

Bring on the heat. You’ve got POLAR BEARS GO COCONUTS!

Fab Tip: Keep your fragrant products in the fridge for an extra tingly frisson de plaisir sensation on summer’s hottest days.


Essential oils of lime, sweet orange, and grapefruit blended with refreshing spearmint (in the spring and summer) or warm clove and ginger (in the fall and winter) will rev up your mojo, delivering unlimited energy to do whatever your loving heart desires.

SWEET ‘N SEXY DRAGONETTE is your ideal fragrance when you need mental and physical stamina, concentration and focus to accomplish anything, and smell absolutely super fab doing it! Dragonettes, get your roar on, and take on the world – it’s yours!


That’s right, we thought men would love it’s blend of citrus and spice, and they did, but you know what?  Women loved it even more! And, then, men discovered they loved it too – thanks inspirational ladies!

Could this be Red Note’s unisex fragrance?

This is why we ask: Ever have trouble finding your SWEET ‘N SEXY DRAGONETTE?  We have a clue shared by more than a few SWEET ‘N SEXY DRAGONETTE fans – Check out his skincare stash!

That’s right Mr., you’re busted!

No worries, we know who you are, and we’re not telling.  It’s not our style.  And, we’re actually grateful that you both love it!  Besides it’s an easy fix:  Order two sets of SWEET ‘N SEXY DRAGONETTE (one for her and your very own too), and we promise you’ll be back on home turf (out of the dog house)!  Well, you were never really in the dog house – your skin smelled too good to stay there, and June is unofficially men’s month, so you’re in the big house, at least for the month!

Sooo… this June, play with and share your favorite summer citrus fragrances with your daughters, husbands, wives,… Stay tingly cool, and feel fab, refreshed, renewed, and delish in your skin always! xoxo

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