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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

“Do not fear to make changes.  When it is making headway, a boat may rock.”  Chinese proverb

At today’s yoga class, my instructor’s words focused on breaking through our fears.  Yes, we fear that we may topple over in a pose (or in life), but break through this fear, just try it.  Fears created and sustained by our minds seek to disempower us, while yoga seeks to free our minds of fear, anxiety, worry, and breathe into the present moment of life free from self-imposed limitations.  Her heartfelt spoken word music coupled with her own words inspired me to let go just a little bit more, to trust in the moment.

Do you make changes with ease and joy?  Do you love change?  Or do you fear it?  Do you hear the word “change” and think “Hmmm… Now what?  Just when I was getting used to the status quo, looking forward to the ease of running on automatic pilot, I’m supposed to C-H-A-N-G-E?  Do you and David Schwimmer’s character on Friends, Ross Geller, share a similar “No one likes change” philosophy?

Let’s face it, everything is in a constant state of flux.  Life is all about change, expansion, growth and learning.  Stagnation and constriction aren’t very pretty.  So how do we leap forward with a rational mind, faith and a happy heart?

Heraclitus and his pre-Socratic ancient Greek pals understood that change is inherent in nature. Inescapable.  Not something we choose or refuse.  That’s just the way things are and will always be. Our choice or free will exist in determining whether or not we go with the flow of change.  That’s it.  There is absolutely nothing we can do to alter the universal truth that change is constant.  Change means life.  With every breath we take, change occurs.  And its opposite, well, it means the opposite.  

Lime Cupcakes - DRAGONETTE - Crop - Blog - SmSince I presume most of us want to enjoy more birthday cakes and candles, let’s get on the change train!  Why not accept change as residing in everything that’s alive and CHOOSE to enjoy the ride, both the good and the challenges that change brings as we swim and float along?  Grab onto challenges with gusto and broaden our horizons?  Rise above limitations.  Burst through limitations.  Run toward your dreams, and let them be big dreams.

Moreover, why not do more than ACCEPT change?  Why not INITIATE change?  LOVE change, rather than fear it, or approach it with a meh attitude?  Life is composed of a series of moments over time, and if given the choice, who wants meh moments?  If you start feeling one coming on, wash it away with warm comforting water, or hold it gently and release it like a butterfly.  Be gentle with yourself, and all your moments.

Smooth sailing is never a guarantee, but it is only through change that we go anywhere new and exciting.  Change holds the potential of something even better on the other side.

Break on through to the other side, thank you Jim Morrison.  Expand the reality you create.

Open a door, and walk through what lies ahead, having faith that what will greet you is beautiful and just what you need right now.

Ever heard the expression “Hope springs eternal”?  Studies have shown that optimists tend to enjoy greater health, regardless of their actual situations.  Maybe we just don’t understand their realities.

Hearts and Dreams (Scan) Claire Mitchell - Website Photo Montage - Crop - Blog - SmAt present, we may not see or know the fabulous new things change may bring, but we can feel their potential in our heart, and when our heart speaks, its language as the truth.  Listen to your truth.

Have you ever had the amazing experience when you entrust your dreams to the universe, and they are fulfilled beyond what you could have envisioned?  If you haven’t, believe it, attract it, send it your way, and be ready for it!  Set your intuitive powers to recognize and welcome it into your life.

Even if we choose to hide under our cozy duvets until spring thaws the mountains of snow around us (and believe me, I feel the siren call to do this many days this Asian Woman Asleep in White - SKINCARE 101 - Crop - Blog - Smwinter, hey I’m a mammal), change will come to us.  Why not get out there and stir it up a bit?  Find out what awesome changes are in store for you? Feel great and empowered that you hold the power to make something happen that wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t created it in your own unique way?

Today I feel spring around the corner.  A born and bred Minnesotan, I realize March coming in like a lamb might infer that she will go out like a lion, but still I think a celebratory dance in my living room with Lenny Kravitz’s “Strut” might be in order!  Lenny might be in his beloved New York, Paris, or anywhere, but his voice will be right here.  Where are my white boots?  JK.

Spring is a time of rebirth, we become young again and create new things, as part of the life cycle of nature and the seasons.  It’s a gift to be cherished, not feared.

Last year, on the first massive snow melting day, my free-spirited daughter and her neighborhood friends threw off their winter boots, jackets, hats, slipped into tennis shoes, and grabbed their skateboards and helmets to celebrate smooth streets sans icy blocks with skateboard races.  When temps skyrocketed to 48 degrees, she rushed to set up a lemonade stand to raise money for the ASPCA.  Why wait for a sweltering July day?

Kids know how to carpe diem.  I admit, at first, it’s a bit of a shock when your uber-energized child bulldozes through the door, overflowing with ideas and energy to touch the sky, particularly if you’re deep into your own work, and not quite sharing her moment.  But after leaping into her weltanschaung (a mother simply must), why not let Mother Nature’s seasonal transitions catapult you with joie de vivre into something new too?Striped Flip Flops and Towel on Fence at Beach - CC - 200X200 A few more degrees warmer, and it’ll be flip-flop season in Minnesota!

Let’s CHOOSE to keep an open mind, open heart and open perspective.

We hold the potential to experience changes beyond our wildest dreams.

Let’s start by looking inside ourselves without fear.  There are two perspectives: fear and love, each which spin infinite variations.  Let’s choose love.  Let’s say “yes” to Facebook Colorful Heart Painting - FRENCH KISSES - Sm Blogchanges that “feel right” in our heart.  Let’s unveil a treasure trove of inspiration and personal power to initiate change, co-create with the universe, and make the world a better place through our actions!

I’m with you!  Take my hand.  Let’s be young at heart.  Let’s go!

Bisous xoxo  Chic Urban Woman Blowing Heart Kisses - FRENCH KISSES - Crop - Blog - Sm