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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

“All is a miracle. The stupendous order of nature, the revolution of a hundred million worlds around a million stars, the activity of light, the life of all animals, all are grand and perpetual miracles.”   Voltaire (1694-1778, France)

Bliss is a perpetual miracle. And what’s so fab about bliss is that we can discover it everyday within ourselves!

We cannot help but be reminded of the veracity of Voltaire’s eloquent expression, particularly after months of nature covered in snow and ice, green begins to expose itself once again, the initial sign of nature’s powers of miraculous rejuvenation and rebirth.  April’s wet grass, blossoms beginning to form in May, fruit growing on trees, and moisture in the air tells us that spring has returned. We are part of the cycle of nature, and follow her revitalization.

Even if Mother Nature decides to snow flower-sized snowflakes in Minnesota this April, we know from experience that they’ll quickly melt when the sun comes out.  Just a little reminder to be grateful for the spring when she comes to stay!

When I was a child, my grandmother used to call each April 1st with the same line “Look out the window, it’s snowing.”  I’d say “Grandma, it’s not snowing, don’t you know it’s April!”  She’d insist, so finally I’d put the phone down, go to the window, and when I’d return to the phone, she’s say the inevitable “April Fools.”  I miss her calls every April 1st.  I’ve always thought Mother Nature and my grandmother were conspiring to make me truly appreciate the beauty of spring.

What better place than a warm fragrant bath to discover your blissful rejuvenation this season? Your bath is a sanctuary for undisturbed reverie and meditation. Release all winter’s cares to be swept away by the uncontrolled beauty of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations.  Give in to wherever they lead you…Your bath is your bath.  I’d say your bath, your rules, but it’s more your bath, no rules sort of thing, a rule-free zone.  Your isolation tank or a shared space, whatever you’re in the mood for.  Trust the freedom and inner wisdom of your unguided thoughts.  Amazing insights may be unveiled to you. Your unconscious mind will lead you to where you need to go, a place you may not recognize, but it’s just where you need to be. Did you know that 90% of the reality we create may come from our subconscious?  Treat it right, then trust and open yourself to receiving its unimagined gifts.

A little secret: Muses love the bath.  Maybe it’s time you met yours there?

Peacefully soak in warm scented water filled with skin nourishing natural butters and oils that penetrate to heal, repair and soften winter skin. It’s the effortless way to your best skin.  Who’s not for that?

Celebrate your unique spirit and discover springtime bliss with your favorite fruity floral fragrances.

Let your mind wander aimlessly.

Come play on our Pinterest boards for spring skincare and fragrance ideas, and share yours with us too! and

What are your favorite springtime bath fragrances and skincare products?  What makes YOUR bath irresistible?

Spring is a time of fertility in all things.  That includes your imagination, creativity and inspiration.

What makes you feel happy, joyful, free?

Follow the path of joy and the rest will tumble into place effortlessly and beautifully.

Enjoy the journey cheries.

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