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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Wear your favorite “signature” fragrances year round. If you absolutely love them, the way they make you feel, act, express yourself to the world, and share yourself with those you love, they belong to you every day of the year.  Flower Fruit, Good Fortune, Splendor and Tea Party are four of your year-round faves, and we couldn’t agree more – they’re lusciously refreshing feminine fragrances 365 days a year!

If you’re looking to play with new fall fragrances in the chillier months ahead, why not warm up your fragrance wardrobe with notes of sweet vanilla cream, chestnuts roasted in brown sugar, sugarplum or hints of cinnamon, ginger and clove?  

Our fragrances are never overtly spicy, and we promise you won’t walk around smelling like a spice cake, but you’ll feel warm, cozy, relaxed and comfy inside, and what a lovely way to feel!  Play, explore, discover the fragrances that make you feel cherished as the leaves fall from the trees and the first chill hits the air.

What fragrances do you reach for?  I know my favorites.  Here are just a few you’ll love to try…


  • Warm chestnuts roasted in brown sugar, cafe au lait, rich dark chocolate, and neighborhood patisseries bring you the yummiest scents of Paris in the fall. The warm, sweet fragrances take your breath away and return you to a place where the sights, smells, sounds and tastes envelope you in a lingering soft sensuality “entre chien et loup”, a time of day between a dog and a wolf when there’s no denying that l’amour is in the air.
  • When the first chill hits, leaves fall off the trees, and autumn drizzle and fog adds a fairytale allure to the air, it’s time to take jackets and scarves out of the closet and reach for FRENCH KISSES IN WINTER.  True confession: When I see the first leaves changing colors to richest russets and golden beauty, and they create a gorgeous multi-colored quilt on my grass, I’m so happy.  Why? Because I know that at the end of the day, I’ll run a long hot bath, and reach for FRENCH KISSES IN WINTER sugar scrub and body butter before snuggling under my duvet, smelling and feeling absolutely fab in my skin.
  • Sip cafe au lait, bite into a pain au chocolat at a neighborhood cafe, and smell the chestnuts beginning to roast in a large blackened bowl around the corner before they’re placed in small bags for pedestrian customers. If you can’t be in your favorite quartier in Paris, soak in FRENCH KISSES IN WINTER, and massage in this body butter before dreamland. Unwind. Decontractez-vous cherie. Relax. You’ll be there soon. And, you never know who might join you when you smell this delish. Bisous xoxo.


  • Juicy Asian plums and succulent berries blended with essential oil of sweet orange and a hint of warm vanilla cream sends visions of sugar plum mountains swirling in your head.

Exfoliate and soak in the rejuvenating and hydrating sunflower, apricot kernel and grape seed oils blended with nourishing cocoa, shorea and shea butters whipped in this luxurious fragrance.

Smooth on a generous scoop of lotion, creme or body butter all over your body (and don’t forget to use your uber-emollient body butter to nourish, heal and protect driest areas like your hands, elbows, neck, decollete and feet), followed with a magical sweep of solid perfume over your neck, decollete and pulse points.

You’re ready for whatever the day or evening holds for you.

One of our most elegant, alluring and mysterious feminine fragrances for the start of the holiday season. A very unique sugar plum fragrance, unlike other sugar plum fragrances you may have tried which are simpler, one dimensional, and smell only of what we think of as sugar plum.

This one’s more complex, elegant, sexy, and we think absolutely fabulous!  Layering this fragrance will intensify its charm and make you feel all sparkly inside.

Se sentir bien dans sa peau, to feel sparkly fab in your skin is easy with SUGAR PLUM MOUNTAIN!


This year-round unisex (we created this fragrance for men, but women fell head over heels in love with it, so now it’s for both of you!) fragrance with tingly refreshing essential oil of spearmint for spring and summer is warmed up for fall and winter with natural clove and ginger. Essential oils of lime, grapefruit and orange continue to refresh and energize with a splash of peaches ‘n creme to sweeten and heighten the rejuvenating power of citrus and warm spice.

It’s a scrumptious autumn and winter treat for you and your special one!

Studies have shown that most men love fragrances of vanilla and bakery sweets like cakes and cookies. We think women do too! It’s a human thing. We all feel happier, more loved, cozy and sensual when we smell the sweet aroma of cake, citrus and vanilla sugar on our skin.

Women who wear this fragrance share their love and memories of making cakes for those whom they’ve loved.  Men who wear it love the kick of clove and ginger with juiciest limes.  If you’ve been looking for a fab fragrance for your guy, try this one.  We know he’ll love it!

On that note, guys, your secret is out.  You’ve been “borrowing” (and this implies not returning) our Sweet ‘n Sexy skincare products from our bathrooms for way too long.  It’s okay, feel fearless to admit it: Everyone loves the feeling of this juiciest citrus splash with a beautiful spicy surprise on their skin.   What more could be better!  Just order your own now!

Get your spicy roar on guys and gals with Sweet ‘n Sexy Dragonette!

The fabulous thing about our dessert fragrances – FRENCH KISSES IN WINTER, SUGAR PLUM MOUNTAIN and SWEET ‘N SEXY DRAGONETTE is that when you wear them, no worries that you’ll smell like a living breathing cake! The light warm vanilla, sugar, chocolate, and candied almond fragrances make your skin smell amazingly delish in an alluring mysterious way that we cannot describe in words, but it’s not cake, promise.

Experience them for yourself. The immediate response from nearly everyone who tries Young Couple Kissing in Paris - MAIN PAGE - Crop - Blog - Smthem is “Yummmm” followed by “super yummmm” and a big smile.  And if your loved one is within reach, a warm hug.

Hugs, xoxo


P.S.  Cheries, some of your favorite seasonal fragrances may have been removed from our on-line store, because they’re just that – seasonal, and we don’t feature them 365 days a year.  So, if you don’t find your faves, please never despair.  Just email or call, and it’ll be here for you – we’ll make it special with love for YOU!

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