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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Fall and winter dryness leaving you feeling suddenly sympatico with Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s 3rd century B.C. terra cotta warriors? No worries. Nothing our gentle exfoliating sugar scrub and whipped body butter can’t heal and bring back to radiant life.  Isn’t it nice when this happens?  I mean the simple and real fix.

3 simple steps to heal and repair winter skin dryness:

  • Dust yourself off, and pour a warm bath. Morning or evening, your pick.  Grab your favorite GENTLE EXFOLIATING SUGAR SCRUB.   Facebook Scrub-Sugar-Plum-mt-14023RET-web-1 - Crop - Blog - SmSoftly massage two to three soup spoons of sugar scrub in a circular motion over your skin, careful to avoid the most sensitive areas of your body including your face and breasts. This will remove the dead surface skin cells , leaving the top layer of your skin newly smooth, radiant and glowing, and ready for your after-bath moisturizing treatment.
  • SOAK:
  • After exfoliating, soak for 20-30 minutes in the antioxidant, vitamin and nutrient rich sunflower seed, apricot kernel and grape seed oils and shea and cocoa butters which constitute the base of all of our sugar scrubs. The natural oils and butters will easily penetrate your skin to soften, smooth and heal. As you emerge from the bath, gently pat dry (do not rub back and forth), leaving a light residue of water and protective moisture on your skin.
  • MOISTURIZE (Deeply hydrate and lock in protective moisture):
  • While your skin is still moist from your bath, apply BUTTER UP! YOU’RE SUPER FAB… in your favorite fragrance. Layer your body moisturizer with the same fragrance as your sugar scrub to maximize fragrance intensity and duration; or play with mixing complementary fragrance blends to create bbSPM.016.5-15419-RETyour own signature fragrance.  Not sure how to mix and match?  Citrus with citrus is a good choice.  Or floral with fruit is another fab way to go.  Warm spicy vanilla is lovely with citrus.  We’re here to answer your questions, so always feel comfy contacting us with any questions about fragrance layering or mixing.

We love to use body butter all over for uber pampering and dry skin reparation. Our natural mango, shea, cocoa and shorea butters are whipped to easily penetrate your skin with ultra rich moisture to instantly begin the healing process. If your skin feels anything reminiscent of terra cotta, you’ll want to use body butter consistently for several days to reinforce your skin’s protective moisture barrier.

Your skin is your first line of protection against toxins, both entering and exiting your body. Soft supple skin extends beyond tangible beauty; it’s indicative of good health and optimal immunity against illness and disease. With BUTTER UP! YOU’RE SUPER FAB…, there’s absolutely no need to tolerate dragon scales or dry rough patches of skin.

It’s no fairytale, with minimal tender loving care, beautiful healthy skin that feels like, well butter, is possible, and there’s no need to suffer or wait! Mmmmmm…. you are super fab!

Notice immediate visible and tangible change the first time, and with regular use (twice weekly), you’ll be amazed at the beautiful difference in how your skin now looks and feels!

Check out our beautiful sugar scrub and body butter gifts sets for the holidays (see photo below).  GS-GF-Bags-WEBThe perfect gift for your best skin ever, made from our hearts to yours.  xo

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