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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

May is all about love: first love, new love, mom’s love, love for mom, love for newborn baby animals and their angels with fur kinda love for us,…. Love of all kinds as a vital force inspires us to feel happy, young and exuberant, and want to share all this luscious energy with our family and friends and smile at people we may never know other than in passing for a moment in time.  

Celebrate l’amour du printemps and youthful energy (which by the way has absolutely nothing to do with age – some of us feel younger as the years fly by when we stop caring so much about what other people think about us, interesting how that works!) by trying new light playful fragrances, layering your favorite fragrance or mixing and matching your new favorites to create your new signature scent.


Celebrate the May of young lovers dancing around the May pole, a symbol of nature’s fertility and rebirth. The intense joie de vivre inherent in new love awakens and blooms nourished by the warm spring sunshine that makes all of nature and hearts of all ages come alive.

FIRST LOVE is our homage to early 19th century Russian writer Ivan Turgenev’s unforgettable story “First Love” and the wild cherry orchards of the Russian countryside. The mystery, anticipation, confusion, excitement and all-consuming romance of an emerging first love is the essence of this fragrance. Dark cherries and sweet oranges drenched in sweet vanilla creme, warmed with candied almonds hydrate your skin and send memories of your first love, even sweeter, floating back!  Feel like making some new memories this spring?  First love can happen anytime when your heart is open!  Reach for FIRST LOVE, and be open to surprises beyond your imagination!


This elegant floral fruity fragrance is named after the rich verdant utopia in Grace Lin’s exquisite children’s story “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon”, a Wizard of Oz odyssey set in China.  A young girl Minli (like Dorothy) leaves her family’s poor land where there are no flowers or fruit in search of Flower Fruit Mountain where beauty and riches are plentiful. If you haven’t yet read it, I promise you, it’s not just for children.  You will fall in love with Minli.  The beauty of her spirit, determination and perseverance along her journey to bring happiness and prosperity to her family will touch your heart forever.

Subtle melon blossoms and sweet honeysuckle blended with crisp Asian pears and green apples make this refreshing fragrance one of our most popular to enjoy in spring and through summer. It’s fresh florals are delightfully balanced with juicy tree-ripened fruits to energize your spirit and transport you to a garden paradise.  Deliciously sweet and juicy freshness.  Come on into an irresistible fruity floral paradise on FLOWER FRUIT MOUNTAIN. Bring your Adam along for the ride.


I originally created this fragrance to celebrate the Lunar New Year with its traditional New Year tangerines that promise good luck in the coming year.  So many of you fell in love with this lusciously pure blend of tangerines, sparkling red Polynesian hibiscus, and berries that we had to agree, why not let it sweep you away into spring and summer? It’s an elegantly feminine and unique feel good fragrance that will make you smile all day.  A dear customer told me that she thinks of it as “Happiness in a jar.”  I can’t think of a nicer compliment!

What is good fortune to you?  How do you attract it to you?  How about this: Reach your arms out to capture the spring breeze and spin, as if no one is watching. Spin and spin like a child not afraid to get “Dizzy Lizzy” and fall on the grass.  Seize the moment. This is a lucky fragrance. Someone special may decide to join you.  Close your eyes, manifest joy and bring that special someone nearer to you, feel their presence.  Are they there yet?  You may have to spin for awhile, just don’t forget your Good Fortune Red Hibiscus & Sweet Tangerine.


Our quintessential Mother’s Day fragrance. Few fragrances express eternal femininity more elegantly. Succulent peaches reminiscent of those cherished in Guan Yin’s (the Goddess of Compassion) immortal gardens, Chinese peony (did you know that peony is China’s national flower, sort of like Canada’s maple leaf?), and sensual night blooming jasmine blended with a hint of sun-warmed sugared almonds and sweet vanilla creme make this ideal Mother’s Day gift one to last into summer and beyond. Wear it and be remembered forever.

My daughter loves to put on my bathrobe that retains the fragrance of IMMORTAL PEACH GARDEN, and says “It smells like you mom”.  Wrap yourself and your loved ones in your unique fragrance.

Fragrance is memory, and memory holds the potential for immortality.  Is there anything better? Come on, be immortal, cherie.


Offers a fresh as your morning shower feeling with lotus and melon blossoms, rejuvenating aloe, green tea and cucumbers, caressed with a hint of soft vanilla. Cherish early morning freshness all day.

Perfect if you prefer just a hint of floral and a clean, invigoratingly fresh feeling.

Most of Tea Party a Deux customers tell us that they use this fragrance in a soap, sugar scrub, lotion, body butter, and even a solid perfume cube or twist tube, and while they feel absolutely fabulous and are delighted by the fragrance, it is never strong enough to be detected or objected to in the work place.

Isn’t it fun to discover a fragrance that makes you feel fab in your skin, while no one else seems to notice that you’re wearing fragrance – you just smell fresh and lovely?  The florals in this blend remain in the background, letting the the freshness of aloe, green tea and melons take center stage. An uniquely beautiful blend.


Happy Spring! Joyeux Printemps!  Time for fun – amusez vous cheries! xoxo

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