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written by Raulla S. Mitchell


Your favorite fragrances become your signature, and there’s no need to change your fragrance wardrobe from season to season, unless of course you want to!

I will forever remember my mother’s perfume as she prepared for a night out with my father. It was part of her essence, a woman celebrating a romantic evening. As she hugged me before going out, the smell of her skin became one with my own.

Like the fragrances I wear today, my mother’s fragrance remained on the fabric of her clothes.  Trying on my mother’s clothes hanging over her chair was like wrapping myself up in her arms.

Today my teenage daughter wraps herself lovingly in my bathrobe, and tells me it smells like me.

Your fragrant self is a gift of love to you and to those whom you cherish, now and forever. It is the stuff of treasured memories, an expression of YOU.

That said, maybe you change how you feel from season to season? Do you feel a sense of renewal and joy when spring rolls into town?  Are you ready to change your fragrance up a bit to express how you feel now?

Young Blonde with Dandelion in Grass - SPLENDOR IN THE LEMONGRASS - Crop - Blog - SmThere are fragrances that seem to naturally herald the first gentle caress of spring, flowers and fruit growing from the fertile earth. The light floral and fruity fragrances of the following 4 fragrances celebrate a gentle transition to spring.

Express your new spring self, and always feel free to call for a personalized consultation if you’d like to play and explore a fragrance that beautifully expresses who you are right now!


Our homage to Ivan Turgenev’s unforgettable story “First Love” and the cherry orchards of his early nineteenth century literary Russian countryside.  The mystery, anticipation, confusion, excitement and all-consuming romance of an emerging first love is the essence of this delightful fragrance. It’s dark cherries, juiciest oranges and candied almonds drenched in fresh vanilla creme beautifully blend a sweet vanilla warmth with citrus and fruits to caress your skin with luscious joie de vivre and send memories of your first love, even sweeter, floating back!  Feel like making some unforgettable juicy memories this spring: FIRST LOVE.


Celebrate the exquisitely beautiful home of Wu Kong, the charming and  mischievous Monkey King, of Chinese classic lore, in Lianyungang. Who doesn’t love a little mischievous spirit in all of us?  Play is the essence of joy and creativity.  The mountains appear cloaked in an emerald green botanical tapestry nourished by waterfalls and the renewed happiness of Jade Dragon, reunited with one of her four dragon children who long ago chose to become one of the four rivers of China. Luscious springtime greens of sweet Asian pears and crisp green apples define this fragrance blended with floral FLOWER FRUIT MOUNTAIN - Crop - Blog - Smhints of juicy melon and feminine honeysuckle rejoicing in mists of honey ginger nectar. It’s fresh clean fruity florals are as majestically brilliant and enchanting as Jade Dragon herself.  Playfully elegant and distinctively fresh to delight and charm. One of our most popular fragrances for its fresh “feel happy” elegance.


The Buddha, Guan Yin (the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy), and the Jade Emperor reside in the eternal celestial gardens of the IMMORTAL PEACH GARDEN where the most cherished peaches grow, tempting all who come near. The story goes that it takes nine thousand years for each peach to ripen. How many generations of patience is that?  Anyone who eats these most succulent peaches from the heavenly garden will live as long as heaven and earth. Just as one ought not gobble up all the peaches one’s tummy can handle (like Woo Kong, the impetuous Monkey King), a touch of this intimately elegant fragrance goes a long way. Ideal for Mother’s Day, or any day celebrating femininity. Its fragrant peaches, Chinese peony, jasmine, and a hint of sun-warmed vanilla holds the promise of eternal femininity. Wear it, be heavenly, and remembered always! It’s one of my everyday favorites to feel subtly elegant and deliciously soft.


Herald the verdant spring and Earth Day with this unique blend of earthy citrus essential oil of lemongrass sweetened by tropical fruits, melon and coconut.  Lemongrass fragrance itself is Close up Lemongrass - SPLENDOR IN THE LEMONGRASS - Crop - Blog - Smrenowned for its exuberant energy and joy.  It’s very popular at the moment as a single note in body care products.  We thought it’s beauty is best blended with other fragrances, not left alone to shout “Lemongrass entering the room”, but rather, more of a subtle, elegant symphony of fragrance with top notes of lemongrass that sing “Gorgeous je ne sais quoi citrus beauty making her entrance…”  So, we created Splendor in the Lemongrass with more complexity, blending lemongrass with lusciousCoconut Milk Pouring out of Coconut - MAIN PAGE - Crop - Blog - Sm tropical fruits swimming in coconut creme to celebrate the pleasures of Earth Day.  To our surprise, it quickly became one of our best-selling fragrances all year! It’s a feel happy anytime of year fragrance that poetically and sensually connects us to the earth in all her splendor. It reminds us of the joy and purity of falling in love at any age, full of fresh possibilities, and open to wherever they may lead us.  This is our most beloved fragrance.

Yes, it was inspired by one of my all time favorite films, Elia Kazan’s exquisite film “Splendor in the Grass” (1961) featuring the unforgettable story of young lovers played by Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty.  Have at least box of Kleenex nearby, and of course your Splendor it the Lemongrass lotion, creme, body butter or solid fragrance for feel happy vibes after a really good long cry, because I promise, it will happen.  No spoiler alerts.  That’s it!

Fragrance is memory.  Feel like trying an unforgettable fragrance for spring? Give us a call – we’ll help you fall in love with a new fragrance that expresses your unique self!  The memories are up to YOU cheries! xo  Young girl in yellow flower field - SPLENDOR IN THE LEMONGRASS - Crop - Blog - Sm

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