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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Do you feel like you’re not completely dressed until you choose the perfect fragrance?

When you wear your special fragrance, you feel ready for nearly every challenge that comes your way?

Your secret fragrance makes you feel gorgeous, excited, and energized to create a wonderful life on your terms?

Here are four of our bestsellers.  If you haven’t tried them yet, maybe now’s the perfect time!


exotic red Polynesian hibiscus, berries and juicy essential oil of tangerine combine to make this an exquisitely feminine fragrance to boost your happiness and energy quotient. Charming fresh tropical island floral-citrus fragrance that feels like spring all year round!  Renee told us “I keep Good Fortune body butter in my car, so whenever I feel like I need a lift, I put a little on my hands and instantly I feel energized to keep going with my errands or whatever life has in store for me!  It’s my energy booster, and it just makes me feel happy!”  What could be better?


Asian plums, fresh mixed berries, essential oil of sweet orange and a hint of warm vanilla cinnamon bring out the sugarplum girl in you with sparkles galore to light up all hearts. A very complex and elegant winter fragrance.  One of my personal favorites.  Plums and blackberries in vanilla cream conjure up thoughts of 19th century Russian elegance and memories of reading Turgenev in Paris.  Isn’t that what a favorite fragrance is all about?  Sweeping you away to another time and place, one of dreams and romance?


The heady floral sensuality of rose, jasmine, and essential oil of ylang ylang heightened by notes of sweet orange and warmed by vanilla sugar makes this one of our most romantic sensual fragrances. Confession: I created this fragrance years before Red Note was born. It feels quintessentially feminine, elegant and sensual, and I’ll always love it.


Earthy floral essential oil of geranium (so good for your skin to prevent premature aging), citrus, rose and cozy vanilla.  Slip softly into dreamland at the end of a busy day, or dance slowly around the room or under the light of the moon, getting ready for whatever the nights holds for you.

VOLUPTE and BONNE NUIT CHERE TIGRESSE are two of our most sensual romantic fragrances. The rest is up to you.

3 Fragrance Tips/News:

  • Apply fragrance to moist skin.  Apply a lotion, creme, or body butter BEFORE applying your   perfume.  The oils in the moisturizer will help to “hold” the fragrance on your skin.  OR, for pc-SDDP-.017.6-RETone easy step, apply a solid perfume, like LE CUBE DE PARFUM or Solid Perfume Twist Tubes with built in shea butter and avocado oil which will hold your fragrance to last longer on your skin.
  • Layering fragrance, especially during the dry cold winters, helps to intensify your favorite fragrance and make it last longer.  Layer your moisturizer soap, sugar scrub, lotion, creme, body butter and/or solid perfume in the same fragrance to get the max beauty of a fragrance you love.
  • If your fragrance seems to disappear as they day goes on, apply it again to moisturized skin.  Fragrance that lasts all day may be too strong and risk irritating gentle skin.  Since we apply fragrance to delicate parts of our body, I think it’s best to re-apply throughout the day as desired, rather than risk applying a too-strong fragrance or fragranced product that may risk localized irritation or inflammation.





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