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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

You’ve had a wonderful busy week, and now it’s time for YOU.  

Halloween costumes for my daughter, myself and our dog (what can I say, HomeGoods had an irresistible canine cow costume, which I promise wasn’t the reason I went there –  it was a tablecloth which I couldn’t find, but the costume had our dog Sugar’s name all over it, in my vision, if not in Sugar’s), bags of Hershey’s, Nestle Crunch, Snickers, Red Licorice and Starbursts  (that should be anywhere but on our dining room table within my reach – I’m chewing a lemon Starbust as I write this – yumm…),Frankenstein’s illuminated head and hands rise from his grave of leaves along our walkway…

Squirrels know it’s over.  Our large oak tree sends acorns spilling everywhere, bounty for a bevy of bushy-tailed hearty squirrels who quickly discover our outdoor pumpkins every year.  They’ve make considerable progress taking apart my daughters ornately carved, painted and decorated pumpkins, pull off the wooden witch head inserted at top to make room for mucho nibbling.  They’ll eventually make a total mushy mess of no longer recognizable Jack O’Lanterns, and only then will I remove them from the stoop. Right now, I let the viewing and feast planning to gain momentum.

I adore the only holiday that encourages you to transform  yourself into someone else for a night.  It’s primal.  It’s creative.  It’s dreamy.  It’s freaky.  It’s whoever you are or want to be, just for a night.  Like fragrance, they’re memories that I want to linger.

Sometimes, my m.o. is why not flow from one holiday to the next?  Abrupt transitions imply that one can’t wait to be rid of something that brought joy just a short time ago.   I leave old Frankenstein’s head and hands crawling out of the ground out there, long after Halloween is over.  He makes me smile.  Why not make more days feel like holidays? The calendar may say one thing, but allow your heart to feel whatever it desires.  How about you?

Okay, back to YOU TIME and fragrance chat.  We promised.  We’ll deliver.

Pour a hot cup of herbal tea, hot chocolate, glass of wine, or warm milk and honey (does anyone Chinese Tea Pot with 2 Cups red platter - TEA PARTY - Crop - Blog - Smbesides me do this anymore?), and grab your favorite gentle soap, sugar scrub and body butter. Close the door. Pour a warm bath. Light a fragrant candle. Enter the water to gently cleanse and wash away the daytime activities as you prepare for a peaceful reparative night’s sleep.

Time now for just you and your freely flowing thoughts and dreams as you soak in relaxing fragrances and rich nourishing natural oils and butters to soothe dry winter skin.  Your bath is about so much more than getting clean.  I call it my isolation tank.  All questions asked during the day are magically answered with amazing ease as I soak, relaxed and without focusing or directing my thoughts.

If something has been on your mind all day, try this.  Release your tensions, worries, and conscious efforts to solve the situation at hand.  Say “Universe, I trust you to handle this for me.”  Slip into your tub.  Focus on your breath, the sensory pleasures of the fragrant soothing water.  Whatever enters and Woman in Bath with Red and Pink Flower Petals - MAIN PAGE - Crop - Blog - Smexits your mind, go with the undirected flow.  I promise you answers will come and they will surprise you.  They may not be what you wanted or expected to hear, but pay attention, listen, reflect, and trust that they have come to you exactly when you needed to hear them. When they arrive as if by magic, problems, at their root, disappear just as easily.  It’s one of the reasons I love to take a long hot bath every evening.  Showers cleanse, but baths are magical.

THREE bestseller fall and winter fragrances to play with this holiday season…(*Note: While we usually love to suggest mixing and matching to layer fragrances to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize, because together they will create a beautifully unique fragrance, with these three very distinctive fragrances, we think it’s best to choose one fragrance line that you love for your soap, sugar scrub, lotion, body butter, etc):


essential oils of geranium, sweet orange and tangerine, along with fragrances of rose, jasmine and vanilla relax, charm and seduce like no other. Massage in this intensely sensual and feminine fragrance in BUTTER UP! YOU’RE SUPER FAB… and slip magically into reverie. There’s a time for hunting, charming, and mystifying and a time for dreaming. Dream on chere tigresse.


Warm pleasures of chestnuts roasted in brown sugar, cafe au lait, rich dark chocolate, sweet almonds in vanilla creme, and patisseries along the streets of Paris. Nibble on your favorite gourmet chocolate while soaking in this sweetly seductive yummy fragrance, then slip on creme or body butter before gently enveloping yourself in your duvet for the night. Are you feeling deliciously je ne sais quoi? The secret’s in the candy kisses, but we’ll never tell.  A totally scrumptious fragrance that is the stuff of memories.  If you can’t be in Paris right now, reach for French Kisses in Winter, close your eyes, and we promise French Kisses in Winter may be the next best thing.  Bisous xoxo.


Freshly squeezed limes from essential oil of lime and sweet orange, warmed and sweetened by light splashes of ginger, clove and vanilla cream stimulate mind and spirit to focus clearly. Emerge from your bath emotionally refreshed and energized. Fold back your wings and caressingly roar a poem before settling down to dream. Busy dragonettes need beauty sleep to rejuvenate their magical powers.

These are just a few of our holiday season favorites for those of you who want to spice it up or warm it up this time of year.

Remember, you can use your favorite fragrances year round. Your signature fragrance belongs to you!   Latin Woman with Red Background - Smiling - MAIN PAGE - Crop - Blog - Sm

The perfect fragrance is the source of extraordinary joy, comfort and memories.  You deserve this!

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