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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Getting gorgeous this holiday season begins with your skincare for the bath ritual. Ritual means more than a 5 min shower or bath.  A ritual is “a big deal”.  It implies indulging in something absolutely fabulous that, in this case, you create for yourself.  BECAUSE NURTURE YOU TIME IS NOT A LUXURY – IT’S A MUST!

Hey, you totally deserve more than 5 min, so make it happen!

You know what they say on the flight – secure your own mask first…Think of your bathing ritual as a lifesaver, because it just might save you from the holiday bonkers busy craziness!

Make time for a warm relaxing bath to relax and refresh before going out. Get out the candles, fragrant soaps, sugar scrubs, bath melts, a glass of tea, cocoa, wine (whatever you’re in the mood for), and maybe some music.

Think of your skin as the most elegant, carefully prepared canvas upon which everything else rests – your make-up, hair, clothes and fragrance.  Feeling great in your skin is also an emotional thing.  It changes how you feel, move, speak, think, respond, and live your inner and outer lives.  It’s where it all starts.

First, a quick word about baths vs. showers.  Maybe you’ve heard me say before that they are completely different animals?  Showers are fabulous for quickly getting clean and refreshed; baths are for pampering, relaxation, meditation, and letting go of time.

Standing up with water falling upon my skin is effective to cleanse, but I feel a little too much like my car at the car wash.  How nice it might be to exit the shower greeted by dryers blowing hot air over my skin, the final stage of the wash.

The bath, well that’s a human thing.  Warm water is peaceful and soothing.  I’m in no hurry to get out.  Time stands still in horizontal position.  Once I stand up, it’s all over.  My skin feels the cold air, even as I grab an uber-plush towel.  Ever get back into the tub after you shiver ever so slightly with your towel around you?  I have.  Who cares?  Do whatever you like – your bath, your rules.

If you’re a shower girl, we get it, and love the special benefits of a shower too, but why not shake things up a bit and try a bath from time to time?  Says the eternal bath girl 🙂  Baths are perfect at the end of the day before snuggling under a cozy duvet.

Ever have one of those days you’d like to forget all about?  Soak in the bath.  Done.  Like it never happened.

AND, during the holiday season when you might be party hopping, why not soak in the tub before you go out?  Treat yourself to a few relaxed moments of isolation before opening the door of your first GS-MMSSD-Bags-webparty of the evening?  Escape from it all to unwind, recharge mind, body and spirit, and emerge feeling like a new you, super fab in your skin?

  • STEP 1 Pour a warm bath. Bring in a cup of tea, cocoa, sparkling water or fruit juice. Gather your skincare for the bath products within reach of the bath. Gift sets with a gentle exfoliating sugar scrub and a body butter are perfect.   Just throw in a soap, and you’re all set. Light a fragrant candle, Close the door. Slip in.
  • If you’re spending the holidays with friends, we hope you brought your travel minis sugar scrubs and body butters.  In 1/2 or 1 oz sizes, they’re created to last 1-oz-Bweba weekend or several weeks, depending upon usage.  No airline can refuse them (under 3 oz), and they hardly take up any room in your purse or tote.  What could be more fun? I love when I see my friends taking them out of their purses when we’re out and about!
  • Use your favorite GENTLE EXFOLIATING SUGAR SCRUB to gently slough off dead surface skin cells with a slow circular massaging motion over neck, decollete, arms, legs, hands and feet (in general, it’s best to refrain from using fragranced exfoliating scrubs on face or sensitive areas) for super smooth radiantly fresh skin that will optimally benefit from the topical application of hydrating lotions, cremes and body butters.
  • One or two soup spoons (that come with your sugar scrub) will be all you need.
  • We recommend gentle exfoliation twice a week.  Too much of a good thing may risk irritating very sensitive skin.  Just the right amount of regular exfoliation- twice a week – is phenomenal to support your skin’s cellular renewal, elasticity, smoothness and radiance.
  • Please see our monthly e-newsletter “Let’s Talk Skincare” to see if your favorite sugar scrub is featured at a discount this month.  You may sign up to receive our e-newsletter on our website home page.  Facebook Scrub-Sugar-Plum-mt-14023RET-web-1 - Crop - Blog - Sm
  • Soak in the sunflower seed, apricot kernel and grape seed oils, blended with rich shea, illipe and cocoa butters (in your sugar scrub) for 20 minutes. If you’re in the shower (okay, we get it that some of you will always be shower girls, and we love you too), let the steam allow the oils and butters to penetrate your skin for 10 min, and then rinse off the sugar scrub.
  • A lovely benefit of sugar scrubs is that they rinse very clean from your skin and your tub or shower.
  • Apply a hydrating facial mask if you like to soften your skin, and make the application of your make-up beautifully smooth. The nutrients in your mask will be easily absorbed by your moistened skin and the humidity in the air. Rinse off in 15 minutes, and apply a facial moisturizer.
  • Careful stepping out of your tub or shower, particularly if you have a high soaking tub or a step from the shower to your bathroom floor.   The surface may be a bit slippery from the oils in your sugar scrub.
  • STEP 2 Gently pat dry with a thick fluffy towel, leaving a light residue of moisture droplets.  Not wet, but slightly damp.  Hydrate and lock in precious moisture by generously applying your favorite fragrance of lusciously whipped OOH LA LA CREME and/or BUTTER UP! YOU’RE SUPER FAB… Nutrient and vitamin-rich antioxidant natural shea, mango, cocoa, illipe and organic babassu butters combined with avocado, apricot and sunflower oils in our cremes and body Neil Photography 40z-group-15439-RET-web-feather - bb collection Facebook - Crop - Blog - Smbutters drench your skin in protective moisture for your most supple ooh la la super fab skin.
  • Nourishing your skin and pampering yourself with fragrance cherishes YOU.  It matters not whether or not anyone touches your smooth skin or smells your delightful fragrance, although that’s a plus for sure.  The way in which you carry yourself, how you express your self-regard will be a genuine personal pleasure and clear to all with whom you come in contact throughout your day and night.  Do this for YOU!  You’re absolutely worth it!
  • STEP 3 Sweep your favorite LE CUBE DE PARFUM over pulse points, areas on your body that tend to generate heat, or wherever you want to be kissed – inside wrists and elbows, behind knees, back of neck, behind ears, between and under breasts – as these areas will release fragrance.
  • Ever wondered why when you spritz your skin with fragrance in the winter, it quickly dissipates into the air?  Fragrance requires oil or moisture to linger, so it’s best to apply over a moisturizing lotion, creme or body butter.
  • So, guess what?  We’ve formulated le cube de parfum with shea butter, sunflower, apricot and avocado oil, so the oils and butters are “built-in”.  You don’t have to add them before massaging the cube onto your skin.  It’s all in there for you in one easy step!  How fun is that!
  • Megan Rawson wrote a beautiful article for the Nov 27, 2014 edition of the Eden Prairie News, our fabulous local newspaper, that singles out the wonders of our le cube de parfum, and we couldn’t agree more – it’s a truly awesome product, and one you may not see anywhere else! What more perfect time to try it than this holiday season?

For the grande finale – throw on anything – a LBD is always great, but how about a LRD?  You know we love red!  Or try a vibrant red matte lipstick for the holidays.  Every complexion can wear red (from orange reds, to pure reds to burgundy reds), so experiment and discover your best red!  Splash on colour that makes you smile, feel your most fab. Life’s too short for grey or black everyday.  Live on the color edge, have fun, celebrate!

I love the new dark red lace dresses this season.  Initially, I admit they’re a little out there, even for me, but then I say why not, pourquoi pas?  What makes me think I shouldn’t be “out there”?  The sidelines aren’t as fun as being in the game 🙂   Beautiful Raven Haired Woman with Red Flower Petals - VOLUPTE - Crop - Blog - Featured

Play, explore, see if something feels right, and then decide.  No sartorial preconceptions like that’s not for someone like me.  Approach the world of possibilities with an open playful spirit.  Dressing up for the holidays with sky’s the limit glam, bling, fab shoes or boots, etc. reminds me of playing dress up as a little girl with my fanciest clothes and sometimes shoes, scarves and bling from my mother’s and grandmother’s closet.  I know this hasn’t changed much with my daughter!  Anything goes, and it’s all about the fun.  How about you?

Oh, one last thing about your fragrance:  it will linger magically long for days on the fabric of your clothes, particularly on natural fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, etc.  Apply to your skin, get dressed, and your fragrance will remain a part of you and your fabric.

When my daughter holds my sweaters and bathrobes up to her face and says “Mom, I love your smell”, my heart wants to jump out of my body. Love your fragrance. Love what you wear. Have fun, cheries.  BE HAPPY. BE GORGEOUS.

Share your fab tips to feeling gorgeous this holiday season – we’d love to hear them, and of course, we’ll post them!


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