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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Transitions are a natural part of life. Acknowledge and embrace transitions and the changes they bring as part of the mystery of life that offer you an opportunity to expand your horizons, try new things, learn and grow.  Remember last week’s blog post about jumping into new experiences and changes without fear?  Mother Nature herself is changing it up and setting the example for us to follow! → Read more

written by Raulla S. Mitchell

If you feel as if you’ve been hibernating most of the winter, the last thing you may want to think about is making sure to get enough sleep now that spring is here.  You’re ready to burst forth and enjoy, greet your neighbors, visit friends, and spend evenings out after bitter chills and early sunsets have kept you indoors for too long.

You want to take your beloved ’98 S70 lipstick red Volvo out for a spin, give her a turbo thrill anywhere but 30 mph Valley View Road (and I don’t mean 32 or 35 mph which is pushing a speeding ticket).

Oops, she was forced into retirement last week when one of her cylinders went down.  I’m in deNile, and don’t want to believe she’s gone.  I want her back more than I could ever have imagined.  She’d been huffing and puffing (running rough they call it) for about a week before I took her in, thinking she might need new spark plugs.  Don’t all of us older gals need new sparks from time to time?  Made sense.  But unfortunately, the problem lay deeper.  When we’re not on all cylinders, it’s a problem.

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Dan at Borton Volvo service told me to have a stiff drink and say goodbye.  She was no longer safe.  She could blow at any moment.  A day, a week, a month, maybe a year.  I didn’t want to let her go, but I couldn’t continue to hold on.  I drive my daughter around town.  Safety’s a big deal.

So, I took photos.  I stood next to her.  Wherever she goes from the Borton Volvo lot, she’ll remain ever in my heart.  I’ve not yet had the stiff drink, and don’t really think it would work anyway.  She was bigger than that.

I’ll never feel the same about another car.  She was my first Volvo, my signature color, a boxy handmade Swedish girl who developed a distinct personality with age, and carried on even after I blew out her ignition one winter, and someone pushed her gently in a parking lot, leaving a subtle barely remarkable dent in her otherwise perfect frame.  She proudly wore my kissing Mimi magnets till the end.

I can’t imagine ever feeling quite the same about my new (to me) 2013 S60 onyx on whom Mimi seems sadly faded.  My new Volvo demands new magnets.  That’s the thing about changing one thing – other things seem suddenly old.  And who I am to judge.  I’m getting older too.  My parts will wear out.  Where will I go?  She deserved better.  I acted in haste.  I wish she were back.

I digress.  Besides, if I count out the years, I’ll have a few more Volvos enter my life.  Just got to get ready and prepare for it emotionally next time.

Back to our theme of beauty sleep.  Cherie, now is when you need your sleep more than ever, to handle the ups and downs of life, hopefully more ups…

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written by Raulla S. Mitchell

Dandelion detox (internal), sugar exfoliation detox (external), and now 3 more detox tips to cleanse mind, body and spirit and maintain a healthier you:

Hydrotherapy Yoga Sleep

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